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=== Next Meeting: Meeting 150 (2014-06-01)
Agenda: 1) Evaluation of Trusty Tahr Install Party. 2) Future plans of the team

Re-Verification Application for Catalan LoCo Team (ubuntu-cat)


The Ubuntu Catalan LoCo Team is a very active group of people that supports and spreads Ubuntu amongst the Catalan speaking community. It is the most important resource of information about Ubuntu in this language. We are a very heterogeneous and varied group of people focused on spreading the free software philosophy, specially Ubuntu. We are in a continuous improving process, and have several projects in mind that will be done by our different workgroups in the near (or not-so-near) future.

Key Details


  • November 2014 Festa utòpica Ubuntu at a place yet to consider.

  • More work, presentations and installations on Lubuntu for old computers switching from XP.
  • Document last party on LoCo Planet and Ubuntu Planet.


Mailing Lists

We have two different mailing lists:

  • equip (team): this one is an, open to everybody, organizational purpose list, to help the team manage the daily tasks without messing in the info list.

  • info (technical help): as the description states, is where people ask for help with their Ubuntu problems.


  • With 2959 threads so far.



  • New Drupal-based website:

  • Main communication channel with the community.
  • Map with the community members location and another one with the events locations, linking to its information.

  • Points to forum, mailing lists, irc channel and wiki, to allow new people to know just one only reference point for all the Loco resources.

  • Catalan translation of the site from version 8.10 upwards. Not completed, but improving.

IRC Channel

Catalan Remix ISOs

Every release we present a set of ISOs including Catalan as default language complete with all language packages.


Active artwork team development: LoCo logo, desktop backgrounds, document templates, party announcements, t-shirt designs, sticker designs, pin designs, CD covers... Latest Lucid designs:

You can buy some items at cost price at Cafepress web shop

Fornightly Meetings

  • IRC : We have an online meeting the 1st and 16th of every month at 22:00h (local time) where we talk about our current projects and Team status. We maintain a wiki copy of all our meeting's logs for easy reading and consulting.

=== Next Meeting: Meeting 150 (2014-06-01) Agenda: 1) Evaluation of Trusty Tahr Install Party. 2) Future plans of the team

Meeting 149 (2014-05-16)


Meeting 148 (2014-05-01)


Meeting 147 (2014-04-16)


Meeting 146 (2014-04-01)


Meeting 145 (2014-03-16)


Meeting 144 (2014-03-01)


Meeting 143 (2014-02-16)


Meeting 142 (2014-02-01)


Meeting 141 (2014-01-16)


Meeting 140 (2014-01-01)


Meeting 139 (2013-12-16)


Meeting 138 (2013-11-16)


Meeting 137 (2013-11-01)


Meeting 136 (2013-10-16)


Meeting 135 (2013-10-01)


All meetings: 1 (February 2007) - 149 (May 2014)

(Summaries and transcripts)

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