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 * November 2016 [[|Festa xerrameca]] {*} in Ripoll.  * November 5^th^, 2016 [[|Festa xerrameca]] {*} in Ripoll.
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 * June 13^th^, Participated in the book [[|Xarxa d'Innovació Pública]].
 * June 10^th^, 2016 Participated in "Festa d'unitat popular" of Sant Celoni, spreading Ubuntu and free software.
 * June 13^th^, Participation in the book [[|Xarxa d'Innovació Pública]].
 * June 10^th^, 2016 Participation in "Festa d'unitat popular" of Sant Celoni, spreading Ubuntu and free software.
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 * February 16^th^, 2016 Participated in [[|Mallorca en Xarxa]] talking about Ubuntu Phone.  * February 16^th^, 2016 Participation in [[|Mallorca en Xarxa]] talking about Ubuntu Phone.

Re-Verification Application for Catalan LoCo Team (ubuntu-cat)


The Ubuntu Catalan LoCo Team is an active group of people that supports and spreads Ubuntu amongst the Catalan speaking community. It is the most important resource of information about Ubuntu in this language. We are a very heterogeneous and varied group of people focused on spreading the free software philosophy, specially Ubuntu. We are in a continuous improving process, and have several projects in mind that will be done by our different workgroups in the near (or not-so-near) future.

Key Details


  • May 2017 Festa Z in Nou Barris, Barcelona.
  • November 5th, 2016 Festa xerrameca Ubuntu in Ripoll.


Mailing List

We recently joined our two different mailing lists on a single one in Ubuntu servers:


  • With 2959 threads so far.



  • Drupal-based website:

  • Main communication channel with the community.
  • Map with the community members location and another one with the events locations, linking to its information.

  • Points to forum, mailing lists, irc channel and wiki, to allow new people to know just one only reference point for all the Loco resources.

  • Catalan translation of the site from version 8.10 upwards. Not completed, but improving.

IRC Channel


Active artwork team development: LoCo logo, desktop backgrounds, document templates, party announcements, t-shirt designs, sticker designs, pin designs, CD covers...

Fortnightly Meetings

  • IRC : We have an online meeting the first Wednesday of every month at 22:00h local time, where we talk about our current projects and Team status. We maintain a CatalanTeam/Reunions meetings wiki page with summaries and links to the complete transcripts for easy reading and consulting.









Other contributions and aspects

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