Cedric Janssens

Since now, I'm an Ubuntero (I forgot to sign the code of conduct before...)

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Email: <decirc AT gmail DOT com>

  • I live near Charleroi, Belgium.
  • I'm working on a non-profit project called 3x20.info and Ubuntu was choosen as base of work.

  • I'm working on another non-profit project without name at this time to help Belgian Schools to adopt Ubuntu/EduBuntu.
  • I'm administrator of a non-profit organisation (also called asbl in Belgium) created to help the spread of OpenSource products at most places in Belgium, beginning in Hainaut and Namur provinces.

  • As I have a dedicated webserver with a lot of Bandwidth, I'm hosting/I've hosted project I found interesting (Xubuntu installation without the net cd, usbuntu.info iso image, schools of Vivegnis, ... )

  • I'm an Ubuntu evangelist. I'm using Linux since 1998 but before Ubuntu, I didn't try to convince people to leave the "other" OS and to switch to Linux. When Ubuntu arrives in my life, my opinion has changed. Before Linux was an OS for Geeks, and now, Ubuntu is an OS for human. And as there are more humans than geeks, I have a lot of work. If there wasn't economical reasons (one wife, three children) I'll left my actual job to promote Ubuntu at full time (if someone want to hire me for this job, I'm ok).
  • I'm also trying to promote Edubuntu is schools in local area where I'm living now.
  • I'm activist (not in pejorative way) in Ubuntu-Be LocoTeam

  • I've choose to spend a lot of time to promote officialy Ubuntu

My projects are focused to achieve my two extreme goals : Ubuntu for very young and Ubuntu for Very Old. As I'm sure people between those categories will follow the move.


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