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Ubuntu Beginners Team


Daniel, well what can I say? He has shown himself to be a wonderful guy, who oozes ubuntu out of his pores. Chairing a meeting of developers for the speechcontrol team (or any developer meeting) is not the faint of heart. He did an outstanding job. His commitment to the ubuntu ethos ubuntu ethos and helping others and advocacy is beyond doubt. I am proud to have had him as my padawan and that already his compassion, knowledge, admin and wiki skills are being passed on across several teams and to other padawans. He is certainly worthy of full UBT membership.phillw 28th Feb 2011


At first, I thought of Daniel as the kind of person you'd met, give a o/, and just engage in casual conversation whenever need be. Daniel's ability to man a meeting makes me feel as if we're building the device that implement cheap travelling in the fabric of time-space. He's an amazingly bright guy and really easy to talk to; no reason to lock up around this guy. I've enjoyed my time on SpeechControl with Daniel, and now with the Wintermute project that we've taken up; he's proven again his ability to get work on. I got a new e-mail because of this guy! Big Grin :)
-- Jacky 19 Feb. 2011


Hmmm....Daniel who? _ Just joking, Daniel is AWESOME! I've known him for a while now and he's been a great help to not only Lubuntu, but also Ubuntu Youth and the BT as well. His ongoing project with accessibility has just been phenomenal as well and I can't wait to see more from him in that area as well. He is proving to be one of the Ubuntu Community's bright stars! Just don't burn out Daniel!!! He's got my full support for his BT application, Ubuntu Membership (If/when he goes for it.) and any other endeavor. zkriesse Zach Kriesse 2011-02-25 03:43:15

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