Heidelberg, Germany (CET=UTC+01, CEST=UTC+02)

I participate in ISO testing, triaging, and bug fixing. I'm primarily interested in testing, automation, and configuration management. I follow and try to help with Checkbox, Déjà Dup, and anything involving Perl.


I got involved with the QA team during the development cycle for natty. I started with ISO testing, but then also contributed to proprietary driver testing and desktop testing. Having a MacBook, I realized that the platform needed more testing and volunteered to be the release testing contact for Ubuntu and Kubuntu, which I did again for the oneiric cycle. I also update the MacBookPro wiki pages with any new information for Mac owners.

At UDS-O I got to meet members of the QA team and got a lot of information on the new UbuntuFriendly program. Ubuntu Friendly collects its data from Checkbox, so I began working on bugs in Checkbox and helped in the transition to the new PythonHelpers packaging.


The new UbuntuFriendly program is very exciting. I hope that community testing of Ubuntu can reach the level of automation that the CPAN Testers has in the Perl world.

I spend a lot of time trying to move my life onto the cloud. I would like to be able to sit down at any Ubuntu computer, authenticate via single sign on, and have my data, my settings, my applications, my life automatically synchronized. All local data and meta-data can be nothing more than a cache of my online profile. That would be a true "Guest session". Many projects are doing big things in these areas: Ubuntu One, OneConf, Stipple.


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