Changlinn aka Morgan Storey


Long time Linux users and system admin, specializing in security.



IRC(freenode): Changlinn

To Do

  • upload gpg public key
  • sign CoC
  • learn c++, Python and perl to contribute back.


At the moment i don't do much for Ubuntu expect hang out on IRC, usually lurking, unless I have time to offer some minor tech support.


Easier server administration

  • Gui based admin tools that work remotely via ssh with key based auth
  • Using probably Python
  • Should push Ubuntu on the server as a replacement to overpriced but easy to admin closed source servers.

Port SME server packages to Ubuntu

  • SME server version of Ubuntu for small to medium business as a replacement to other proprietary Small Business Servers.
  • These are in RPM format I believe, shouldn't be to hard to do with Alien, but I think there will be a lot of dependencies.


Leave whatever comments about my Wiki page here.

  • Thanks Gabz for the layout -- Changlinn

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