Charles Arnold

Email: <tony_arnold (AT) Alltel (DOT) net>

Who Am I?

The "Devil's Advocate" of The Marketing Ubuntu Team. With such a great Distribution it would be easy to get carried away, and see us solving Bug #1 by Christmas. I'm here to add a little reality to the situation. This helps the team focus their energies on ultimately achievable goals. We should be asking (and answering!) the difficult questions before they are asked by others, and that includes those that may not have an interest in seeing us succeed.

What I Want

Help me. If you think some ideas are dreams for the future, let me know, if you think that there's an absolutely incredible idea not getting it's due, let me know. If you think of questions that could be asked by Friends and Foes alike, let me know. I'll pass these ideas down the pipe.

What I Think

Right now, (and understandably so), there are massive amounts of energy and optimism. Ubuntu is such a refreshingly new Distro many can see far into the future when the majority of software on Desktops is free. I, too, see that day. far into the future. Right now, we can bring Ubuntu to the attention of the world's press, Users looking for a Win alternative, and other Linux Users. Let's get People asking questions! ...


Leave any opinions you have on the general direction of The Marketing Ubuntu Team at the RealityCheck sandbox.


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