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Based in Ohio, United States (EST/EDT)

Who I Am

I am a member of the Ubuntu Kernel Team, employed by Canonical. My activities to date have included bug fixes for the Ubuntu kernels, a few upstream kernel fixes and improvements, and support for firmware in Ubuntu. I also wrote and maintain the rinputd package as the upstream source and debian package maintainer. Finally, I have been very involved with multitouch work in Ubuntu and the upstream X community.

Contributions To Ubuntu

I started my contributions to Ubuntu by writing rinputd. Shortly after, about half-way through the Lucid cycle, I became a member of the Canonical Kernel Team. I provided numerous bug fixes for the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS kernel.

For the Maverick cycle, I have a few new roles. I am now the primary maintainer of the linux-firmware and linux-firmware-nonfree packages in Ubuntu, and I have been working with David Henningsson to merge firmware from the upstream alsa-firmware releases into linux-firmware. Further, I have been working to ensure that the debugging tools available in the Ubuntu kernel are the best available.

In the past few months I have been concentrating on multitouch support in Ubuntu and upstream As part of this effort, I have been helping to maintain the Apple Magic Mouse driver in the kernel, and I've been helping drive multitouch efforts on the development mailing list.

Future Plans

I will continue to work as a member of the Canonical Kernel Team to ensure releases of Ubuntu are as stable and feature full as possible. In the near future, I also aim to help upstream implement multitouch, and that work will then flow back into Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Member Testimonials

I find Chase's knowledge about firmware and debugging tools useful, and I also find him friendly and easy to work with. We can never get enough of that kind of personality combination, so I'm delighted to see that Chase wants to be an Ubuntu Member. I know very little of his other contributions to Ubuntu, but hopefully other testimonials will add more information about those. -- David Henningsson

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