About Me

The photo is Major General Lewis Wallace, 11th Indiana Infantry, during the US Civil War.
I don't look anything like him.

I am a business owner (you need violins? I'm your guy!) and father of three in Wisconsin. I live quite close to beautiful Lake Michigan. I cook quiche at least once a week.

I don't have a degree in IT or CS, though I do have a couple other degrees. My skills are entirely self-taught or net-taught, and I use them frequently to help people in the forums, or in my business.

I am attracted to projects and tasks that are important, and need to be done well, but are not flashy.

I began using Ubuntu in 2005, began to get involved in 2008, and gained Ubuntu Membership in 2011.

I'm currently most active in support on Ubuntuforums.

Launchpad ID:




Ubuntu Forums:



Freenode: ian-weisser


Current Activities

  • Thousands of help postings, very few in the Community Cafe. Ubuntu Community Team.

  • Developed the job board tool during 2014-2015.

Older Activities Brainstorm 2008 - 2013.

  • Moderator (2009-2013)
  • Admin (2011-2013) Wisconsin LoCo Since 2008. This is a not currently an active group.

  • Secretary
  • Organize events Bug Squad 2008 - 2009. I'm still a member, but have moved on to support roles in the forums. So many of my favorite classes of bugs have been elmininated. Ubuntu Leadership Team since 2011. This is not currently an active group.

Other Contributions I represent Ubuntu and Debian at the Milwaukee Linux User Group. A great bunch of people.

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