Jan Fabry

Email: <cheezy AT SPAMFREE lumumba DOT uhasselt DOT be> Jabber:

I'm a student at the university of Hasselt, Belgium. My first Ubuntu installation dates from January 3, 2007, my first ubuntu-be activity (Hasselt Computer Fair) from January 7, 2007. Blame PeterDedecker, he got me involved in Ubuntu (without really knowing it probably).

My first Linux experience dates back from Red Hat 5.1, so I know my way in the console. My personal machine is a MacBook with OS X, but I have a virtual pc with Ubuntu at hand, so don't worry Smile :) The 'family computer' runs Ubuntu (since I got tired of fixing the Win XP box), so my father and sister might have more experience (counting in hours) with Ubuntu than me Smile :)

I'm also interested in digital television, especially recording it, and hope to make some (Linux based) progress in this in the first part of 2007. Oh yeah, and finish my education and get my diploma. That can't be too hard, hey?


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