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== Team Meetings ==
[:ChicagoTeam/Meetings:Meetings and agendas]
== All Subpages ==
[[Navigation(children, 1)]]
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== Team Projects ==
[:ChicagoTeam/Projects:Team projects and proposals]

== Team List ==
[:ChicagoTeam/TeamList:Add your name to the team list]

== Team Speak ==
[:ChicagoTeam/TeamSpeak:Add your comment to the feedback page]

== Team Miscellaneous ==
{*} [:ChicagoTeam/MemberIdeas:Member ideas page] - Have an idea you want to share with other members to create a stronger bond within the team?


Ubuntu Chicago Local Community Team Page

Ubuntu Chicago is a group of local community members gathered to to advocate the Ubuntu Linux Operating System. Ubuntu Chicago get's their inspiration from bug #1, and uses this to aide in the process of marketing throughout the Chicago land area.

Table of Contents


Team Info

The Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team is an organization created via the LoCoTeam guidelines for the Ubuntu Community, with the priority of fixing [ bug #1], by providing support, advocacy, and guidance to the Ubuntu community. The Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team will utilize the structure, standards, and tools created and provided by the various teams within the Ubuntu community, as well as performing tasks above and beyond those expected in order to maintain competency among the community.

Ubuntu Illinois Local Community Team

The Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team is a sub-team of the [:IllinoisTeam:Ubuntu Illinois LoCo Team].

Team Status

The Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team is up and running in full stride. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team, please add your info to the [:ChicagoTeam/TeamList:Team List] page as well as the [ Launchpad page].

Team Contact

Interested parties can contact the Ubuntu Chicago Team via the following:

All Subpages

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