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|| Member || Craig Theunissen || CraigTheunissen2 || [[MailTo(craigels39 AT gmail DOT com)]] || || || || craigels39 || || ||

Ubuntu Chicago Local Community Team Meeting & Agenda Page

Ubuntu Chicago is a group of local community members gathered to to advocate the Ubuntu Linux Operating System. Ubuntu Chicago get's their inspiration from bug #1, and uses this to aide in the process of marketing throughout the Chicago land area.

Table of Contents


Team Info

The Ubuntu Chicago Team is an organization created via the LoCoTeam guidelines for the Ubuntu Community, with the priority of fixing [ bug #1], by providing support, advocacy, and guidance to the Ubuntu community. The Ubuntu Chicago Team will utilize the structure, standards, and tools created and provided by the various teams within the Ubuntu community, as well as performing tasks above and beyond those expected in order to maintain competency among the community.

Team Status

The Ubuntu Chicago Team is currently in the process of creation, standardization, and implementation. Any and all Ubuntu users are encouraged to join the team. We are currently trying to come up with a logo for the team that says Chicago loves Ubuntu.

Team Contact

Interested parties can contact the Ubuntu Chicago Team via the following:

Team Meetings

Meetings and agendas can be viewed on the ["/Meetings"] page.

Team Projects

The team will routinely create new projects and we track their progress in a wiki page. Please feel free to edit any page with ideas for new projects, help with current projects, or leave any feedback that you wish. See the ["/Projects"] page for more details.

Team List

If you are interested, please list your name below. If you are unfamiliar with editing a wiki or do not feel comfortable doing so, email me your information and I will be more then happy enough to add you to the list. Also join up on the [ Ubuntu Chicago Launchpad].












Rich Johnson


MailTo(nixternal AT gmail DOT com, nixternal at gmail dot com)


nixternal &






Mike Greenwood


MailTo(mjgreenwood AT gmail DOT com, mjgreenwood at gmail dot com)


Mr. Jonathan R. Swanciger

MailTo(jswanc2 AT uic DOT edu, jswanc2 at uic dot edu)


Matthew Guenard

MailTo(nardo69 AT sbcglobal DOT net, nardo69 at uic dot edu)


Jason Czajkowski

MailTo(jason.czajkowski AT gmail DOT com, jason.czajkowski at gmail dot com)



Freddy Martinez


MailTo(freddymartinez9 AT gmail DOT com, freddymartinez9 at gmail dot com)




Vince Vierra

MailTo(vierranet AT yahoo DOT com, vierranet at yahoo dot com)



RJ Marsan


MailTo(rjmarsan AT gmail DOT com, rjmarsan at gmail dot com)


RJ Not Ajay


Max Luebbe

MailTo(max.luebbe AT gmail DOT com, max.luebbe at gmail dot com)


Eric Scott

MailTo(fyedernoggersnodden AT gmail DOT com, fyedernoggersnodden at gmail dot com)


fyedernoggersnodden at gmail dot com


moc_club_noble at hotmail dot com


Xoaqin Alvarez


MailTo(xoaqin AT hotmail DOT com, xoaqin at hotmail dot com)



Brian Green


MailTo(greenbrian AT gmail DOT com, greenbrian at gmail dot com)




Francisco Athens




Adam Israel


MailTo(stone AT stonetable DOT org, stone at stonetable dot org)



MailTo(adamisrael AT yahoo DOT com, adamisreal at yahoo dot com)



Charles Schulze

MailTo(chickschulze AT earthlink DOT net, chickschulze AT earthlink DOT net)


Mike DePolis


MailTo(mike AT depolis DOT com, mike AT depolis DOT com)




Steven Harms


MailTo(thisdyingdream AT gmail DOT com, thisdyingdream AT gmail DOT com)




Denae VanEtten

MailTo(DenaeVE AT gmail DOT com, DenaeVE at gmail dot com)






Lee Becker



Alan Augustson


MailTo(alan DOT augustson AT ameritech DOT net)

Alan Augustson



Rob Morris


MailTo(RMorris78 AT GMail DOT com)



Justin Smestad


MailTo(justin DOT smestad AT gmail DOT com)



Patrick Green

Patrick Green

MailTo(patlgreen AT gmail DOT com, patlgreen at



Michael D. Stemle, Jr.


MailTo(manchicken AT notsosoft DOT net)






Eddie Martinez

MailTo(eddiemartinez AT gmail DOT com)




Craig Theunissen


MailTo(craigels39 AT gmail DOT com)


Team Speak

OK Chicago, what are you currently doing with your Ubuntu setup? What version are running? Any problems?

  • Kubuntu 6.06. Apache and PostgreSQL (As well as Mono XSP and MySQL and some others) for web hosting [] and [], and of course my most used apps would include the likes of Firefox, Amarok, GAIM, etc. Blender for 3D animation, and I make extensive use of Ardour and Audacity for audio mastering of my music. {I'm not actually in Chicago, but SW Michigan; this group is the closest though} ~ SigmaX

  • I use Gimp, Freeciv, and the openoffice apps quite frequently, they work flawlessly to say the least! The only real problem I have encountered is with my scanner and Xsane. I have a HP Photosmart 2575 all-in-one, I can print perfectly, but when I try to scan with Xsane my printer errors out. I get the BSOD on the lil 2 inch LCD, so that's what I'm workin on right now. Good news, after installing Dapper, all the trivial problems I was having in Breezy are gone!! My HP scans great now!! I have Dapper installed as my main OS on my desktop, and the only OS on my laptop. I have been finding all sorts of cool stuff like Gdesklets, its such a sweet app.This is the best distro wait OS ever!!!!
  • Using Kubuntu 6.06 LTS (2 desktops & 1 Laptop), Ubuntu 6.06 LAMP (2 servers). I use everything that begins with 'K'. I also use, amaroK, Gimp, IRSSI, Kopete, Firefox, Kdevelop, Quanta, OpenOffice 2, Scribus, digiKam, XnView, Gobby, Emacs, VMware Server & Workstation, and many more. I am on various Ubuntu/Kubuntu teams and I am always at the [ Launchpad] fielding support questions, bug reports, and specifications. ~ RichJohnson ~

  • Like most I use Firefox & Open Office for most desktop needs. I use stream tuner, stream ripper to rip MP3 from Internet radio, I use Beep Media Player, GTKpod, Amarok, Audacity, Scribus and of course the Gimp. ~ ["Greenwom"] ~

  • Using Ubuntu 6.06 LTS on my Dell Inspiron 9300, everything that I normally use is working (Wireless and Bluetooth Included). I've loaded Unreal Tournament 2004, and Quake 4. Both games work without issue. It's hard for me to tell if its a bug or something that I've done wrong since I'm an inexperienced linux user. ~ Jason Czajkowski ~
  • Have Ubuntu running on 2 machines - one my workstation/server (Dell PowerEdge SC430) - used as a fileserver/jack of all trades machine. (on a side note, ask me why I had to use a hacksaw to run a decent video card) Loaded it up with memory to run VMWare and run virtual OS's for practice/studies (I do MS stuff in the workplace, but would much rather deal with Linux). FreeNX for remote access, even played some UT2004 on it as well (though I am horrible at FPS games). Laptop (Dell C640) with Ubuntu for day to day surfing and whatnot on the couch. Have a Shuttle PC setup running Knoppmyth, playing vids/music hosted on my server over NFS. Almost a terabyte of storage in total at home, with no problems of stability or dealing with licensing (YAY!). I'm a linux newbie still, but very enthusiastic about learning more about it. ~ BrianGreen2

  • Have Ubuntu installed on my workstation and on the laptop. I use it for just about all the development work I do except on chance occasions when the customer demands a m$ft deliverable. ~ Max Luebbe
  • I've installed Ubuntu on our family's two computers, replacing Windows, mainly because I wanted to end our dependance on proprietary software and the problems associated. Before Ubuntu we had begun using OSS such as Firefox, Thunderbird, OO.o, virtualdub, audacity, etc. and it was a very positive experience. After using the live CD of Hoary, to play with Ubuntu (also my first prolonged experience with Linux) and Breezy for a nearly a year, I decided to take the plunge and install on my laptop as dual-boot. A few months later, I install on my wifes desktop and show her how to use Ubuntu. I've tried a number of linux distros, but I keep coming back to Ubuntu because the suport community is so good. I think Gentoo community also has great documentation, but I'm not needing to complile all the software I use at this time. I use my computer for classwork and web development and I like the wealth of applications found in the Ubuntu repositories. I find lots of unexpected (coming from a windows world) treasures like Jack, JackRack, etc and even gedit (much more powerful than I assumed from its description). I hope to create more support for Linux in general at our school which is very Mac-centric. It's difficult because OS X, with it's posix roots, has much of the same software available to it as linux, but with it's highly polished interface, it seems very few people find it compelling to switch. ~Francisco Athens

  • I'm a retired senior in the western burbs. Dapper is the third time I've loaded Ubuntu and it replaced SUSE 10.1. I installed Breezy from a shipit disc - ran the updates - ran Automatix - upgraded to Dapper - updated Automatix. Automatix is a huge timesaver and I'm going to school on the Bash script. I'm in Gnome mode, so the last few distros have featured that WM. Down the road I would like to build a media center PC (Ubuntu & MYTHTV ?). This is my first attempt at editing a WIKI. ~Lee Becker

  • I'm a relative noob, using Kubuntu 6.10. I'm between jobs at the moment, so obviously I'm mainly using FF2 to hunt for jobs, OO.o to keep the resume updated, and Kmail (through the Kontact PIM package) to send the e-mails. I had tried migrating from Windows in the past, but went back due to those distros' relative inability to detect and work with my hardware. Ubuntu nailed that problem shut. So far, I'd say the thing that has most amazed me (apart from how little I miss XP), is the ability to troubleshoot and fix my own problems. So... anyone have a lead on a job? Smile :) --Alan A

  • I use Kubuntu for a lot of basic stuff: Firefox, Irssi (for both IRC + AIM), aKregator plus Amarok for my music needs. Other software that I use are Gimp, Konsole (everyone could use the CLI), Ktorrent, VLC and Koffice. I started in the F/OSS ideaology because of Firefox and still help with Firefox development (see MozillaTeam). I have a Dapper partition and and a Feisty Herd 3 partition (as of Feb 13th). I stated out using Linux when Windows made me lose all my data, who would want to pay for software that caused that? -- FreddyMartinez

*Running Kubuntu 6.10 on my dell 8500 and Dapper on the home AMD box. Working tirelessly to try and change over my whole family. No such luck, at least not yet.


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