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== Chi Ubuntu Bookies ==

The purpose of this subsection of the Chi-Ubuntu Loco team is to name and isolate a group of people who are interested in literary stylings. This can be in the form of documentation reading/editing, books about Python, computer history, or just any book that should be read by all mankind. Books may be swapped between willing members etc. The immediate goal is to be literary, but if all goes well, it will form a closer bond between the Chi-Ubuntu members and a stronger connection with the English language. As this is mostly tentative and wishful thinking, more concrete details are forthcoming. This project is temporarily on hold pending the release of Feisty Fawn 7.04 and the clearing of schedules. More information will be available later, or on the mailing list for those already addicted to it.

Ubuntu Chicago Local Community Team Meeting & Agenda Page

Ubuntu Chicago is a group of local community members gathered to to advocate the Ubuntu Linux Operating System. Ubuntu Chicago get's their inspiration from bug #1, and uses this to aide in the process of marketing throughout the Chicago land area.

Table of Contents


Team Info

The Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team is an organization created via the LoCoTeam guidelines for the Ubuntu Community, with the priority of fixing [ bug #1], by providing support, advocacy, and guidance to the Ubuntu community. The Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team will utilize the structure, standards, and tools created and provided by the various teams within the Ubuntu community, as well as performing tasks above and beyond those expected in order to maintain competency among the community.

Team Status

The Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team is up and running in full stride. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team, please add your info to the [:ChicagoTeam/TeamList:Team List] page as well as the [ Launchpad page].

Team Contact

Interested parties can contact the Ubuntu Chicago Team via the following:

Team Meetings

[:ChicagoTeam/Meetings:Meetings and agendas]

Team Projects

[:ChicagoTeam/Projects:Team projects and proposals]

Team List

[:ChicagoTeam/TeamList:Add your name to the team list]

Team Speak

[:ChicagoTeam/TeamSpeak:Add your comment to the feedback page]


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