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Chicago needs an Ubuntu Team.

I propose a team with a initial goal of spreading the Ubuntu word to friends, family, Schools, Businesses, and Churches.

I already know of one company that is looking at Dapper as a replacement for XP, (this decision based off of one convert in the company).

Other roles of this team can be organized support for team members and possibily contributing support in the documentation arena.

Forum thread to follow.

This is a Great Panel Icon for your menu... I have no clue who created. attachment:Icons/Page/panel-replacement-distributor-logo.png attachment:IconsPage/panel-replacement-distributor-logo.png

Anyone idea's for a custom Chicago/Ubuntu icon?

Mike Greenwood <> J.J. <> Mr. Jonathan R. Swanciger <> Matthew Guenard <> Rich Johnson (nixternal) <>

OK CHICAGO folks, what apps are you using??? What problems (if any) are you having?

  • I use Gimp, Freeciv, and the openoffice apps quite frequently, they work flawlessly to say the least! The only real problem I have encountered is with my scanner and Xsane. I have a HP Photosmart 2575 all-in-one, I can print perfectly, but when I try to scan with Xsane my printer errors out. I get the BSOD on the lil 2 inch LCD, so thats what I'm workin on right now.
  • Using Kubuntu 6.06 LTS (2 desktops & 1 Laptop), Ubuntu 6.06 LAMP (2 servers). I use everything that begins with 'K'. I also use, amaroK, Gimp, IRSSI, Kopete, Firefox, Kdevelop, Quanta, OpenOffice 2, Scribus, digiKam, XnView, Gobby, Emacs, VMware Server & Workstation, and many more. I am on various Ubuntu/Kubuntu teams and I am always at the [ Launchpad] fielding support questions, bug reports, and specifications. - RichJohnson