Approval Application for China Team (ubuntu-china)

Ubuntu China LoCo team was established in May 2005. Today, our LoCo has become the largest FOSS community in China. We run our own website, forum, wiki, pastebin, Linux navigation site, mailing list and an IRC channel.

We provide community support for Ubuntu users in China, and our wiki/forum have become the largest Chinese knowledge base of Linux, many peoples who are using other distributions come and share their knowledge. We are trying to spread the spirit of Software Freedom.

Key Details


  • - More than 320,000 registered users and 2,400,400 posts since Nov 2008

  • Mailing List - More than 2000 members


  • Arrange more events in colleges and universities to promote Ubuntu and other Open Source Software.
  • Work on more details of Qin Ubuntu project.

  • Help students establish their own user groups in universities.
  • Prepare fully localized training materials for the majority of users. The first two versions (9.10, 10.04) of our Chinese Ubuntu Desktop Course was based on the distinguished work of the last English version for Hardy (8.04), for now we'd like to push an update for 11.10 and then 12.04, the new LTS.
  • Guide more people to participate translation and software development (including packaging) - by writing or translating documentations, example/ongoing works includes but not limited to Contribute to GNOME Translation Project (Chinese), Debian New Maintainer's Guide (Chinese), Things to do before becoming a Debian Maintainer (Chinese).


Major Activities in 2010

  • Set up "Special Tasks" block in our forum. Moderators post some common tasks for new comers, categorized from 1 star to 5 stars by difficulty, people can pick an interested task and work on it. If one has finished the chosen task, or meets any difficulties, she/he can follow up the thread. This can help mobilize the enthusiasm of members and help newbies to become more familiar with the operating system.

  • Have two more Ubuntu Members (Oneleaf and Yunqiang Su).

  • Organized Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 release parties in Beijing and Shanghai.

Major Activities in 2011

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