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=== Jaunty Goals ===
 * Get OpenOffice 3.1 (with split build) into Jaunty
 * Get release exception for OpenOffice so it can be fixed up after releases

= Ubuntu Activity =

== Packages ==

== Team Memberships ==
 * Contributors of packages for ubuntu universe
 * Scribblers
 * Ubuntu BugSquad
 * Ubuntu Laptop Team
 * Ubuntu Members
 * Ubuntu QA Team


Launchpad ID:



calc on


<chris DOT cheney AT SPAMFREE ubuntu DOT com>




I started using computer sometime around 1983 with the Atari 400. It wasn't until I got internet access in early 1995 that I found Linux which my ISP was using. I started using Linux in March 1995 with Slackware 2.1 which came with Que's Using Linux book. I tried several distributions over the years and ended up sticking with Debian in July 1998 with the release of 2.0 "hamm". I became a Debian Developer in July 2000 and maintained many packages over the years including the KDE desktop environment. When Canonical announced the Ubuntu distribution based on Debian around August 2004 I switched my machines over to it. Recently, I have joined Canonical, working on, on June 11, 2007.

About Me

I graduated with a Computer Science major and Math minor from Sam Houston State University in May 2003. I live in The Woodlands, Texas which is a suburb of Houston.

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