Who am I?

AIM: BigCdaAnswer3

IRC: bigcx2


I am currently and undergrad student here at West Virginia University. I work for The Computer Science/Electrical Engineering department as a systems administrator. We have 3 open souce labs full of Ubuntu workstations, with our own "custom" version pulled in from our repository through FAI (fully automated installation). We have rolled over 75 of our own packages to make our life easier as sysadmins. You can check them out here:

I can also be seen camping out in irc on #ubuntu, #ubuntu-devel, and #ubuntu-motu and throwing in feedback when I'm around.

Bug Fixes

My first fix for Ubuntu was the zope-ldap package, The current version in Ubuntu is broken but will be fixed in breezy thanks to Andrew Mitchell who submitted my changes.


Based on and older version of an Install guide for Oracle 10g on Debian, I wrote the first one for Ubuntu. Oracle0g

I would be interested in contributing back to Ubuntu on a part-time basis as I am a full-time student and also have a part-time job. I would be willing to help build/maintain amd64 and/or i386 packages, write documentation, etc.


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