Christopher Johnston

Email: [selinux26 AT yahoo DOT com]

Hi, I am a business owner turned student at the University of New Orleans in New Orleans,LA. As many of you remember on August 29th, 2006 New Orleans was changed forever by Hurricane Katrina. This hurricane not only changed the landscape of the city forever, but had a deep psychological impact on many of the residents of the city, myself included. Katrina caused may of us to look inside ourselves and reevaluate what was important to us.

I was operating a part-time financial services business representing Primerica Financial Services and working a dead-end full-time job at Home Depot as a specialist in the Millwork department. I realized that I should focus on my business and make myself rich rather than Home Depot shareholder and CEO Bob Nardelli. I have now been full-time in Primerica since October of 2005. This has been a blessing and a curse...

I have had a less then stellar(read I didn't make a lot of money) start in Primerica. Now it's been several months and things are going well but I'm still not happy with the direction of my life. I decided to take a passion in my life, computers and technology, and focus some time and effort on it. I reenrolled at the Univ. of New Orleans as a Computer Science major and I'm going to download the Ubuntu server and Fedora Core4 and install them on two of the machines at my home. I will experiment with running them on my network and detail those exploits here and on my blog. Stay tuned for that blog address. ...

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