General Accomplishments

  • Started the Florida LoCo Team 3/1/07 (at 98 members as of 9/25/07)

  • Organized and ran scheduled LoCo IRC meetings, posting results on the Team Meetings Page.

    • Worked with pak33m to set a Plan of Action for the Ubuntu Florida LoCo Team

    • Included formation of administrative and operative sub teams for more direct member participation (and more efficiency)
    • These teams included Meeting Team, New User Support, Marketing, and wiki/website maintenance.
    • Instituted said teams, adopted team leaders, and set agendas and future meeting schedule to keep teams on track and in line with overall LoCo progress.

  • Helping to organize BarCamp Orlando, so Florida LoCo Members have a venue to present ubuntu to an admittedly willing audience.

  • Answered questions (mostly new user forum) in the forums

  • Attended the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce Business Expo
    • Helped MikeFeravolo run an Ubuntu table

    • Handed out numerous CDs, pamphlets, posters, t-shirts, and stickers
    • Talked with roughly 20 small businesses about the benefits of Ubuntu, most with decent success

Document Edits

  • Created FloridaTeam wiki

  • Set up and moderated Florida LoCo Mailing List and Forums

  • Edited the US Teams Team list to include many new state teams March 27, 2007


I want to start out by saying I think the world of Chris. He has been a great boon to his team, and the US LoCo Teams project. Chris embodies the spirit of Ubuntu and is always willing to help someone in need. I strongly endorse his application for Membership - StephenStalcup

I've spent plenty of time with Chris on #ubuntu-us and he is very willing to both help newcomers and learn from others. He is a valued asset to the US Teams project and has been doing a great job spreading the word about Ubuntu in Florida. - NickAli

Chris is a consistent and positive force, he has been the driving force behind the Florida team project and always takes time to help people out. Chris meets the requirements for Ubuntu membership and I wholeheartedly endorse him. - ElliotMurphy

Chris is an outstanding example of the Ubuntu spirit. He not only works hard for the Florida Team, he advocates Ubuntu personally and is always willing to help out where ever he can. I highly recommend him for Ubuntu membership. - Johnc4510

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