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Insheim, Germany

About Me

The most surprising thing first - I don't use Ubuntu myself. Instead, I use openSUSE (formerly SUSE Linux) since 2001.

So if you wonder what I have to do with Ubuntu at all - say thanks to AppArmor! Wink ;-) Canonical and therefore Ubuntu is the upstream for AppArmor. I'm not working for Canonical, but nevertheless I contribute to AppArmor development.

After reporting several bugs, my first own commit to AppArmor bzr was on April 1st (no joke!) 2011. I started with maintaining apparmor.vim (profile syntax highlighting), helped to update some profiles and upstreamed several patches from the openSUSE AppArmor package. As usual, I got more involved over time. In 2013, I was mentor in the GSoC project to rewrite the aa-* tools (aa-logprof etc.) to python. Since then, I maintain those tools, extend them, write unittests etc. Oh, and I regularly scare the other AppArmor developers with bugs nobody else finds Wink ;-)

I also maintain the AppArmor package in openSUSE since 2011, keep an eye on the Ubuntu and Debian bugreports about AppArmor and help the Ubuntu and Debian AppArmor teams whenever needed (including giving a talk at DebConf15). Needless to say that I also never used Debian - and before you think I'm totally crazy because I "help the enemy", please read this article in my blog.

If you are interested what I do besides AppArmor, see this page

If you want to talk to me:

  • I'm frequently on the #apparmor (OFTC), #opensuse-project, #opensuse-admin and #postfixadmin (on Freenode) IRC channels
  • send me a mail
  • send a mail to the AppArmor mailinglist

  • open a bugreport for the AppArmor tools in openSUSE, Debian or Ubuntu Wink ;-)


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