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Christian Mangold

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Who I am

My name is Christian and I am a jurist from germany. So I am not in touch with it-business in my professional life. Ubuntu and free software is my hobby and I like to contribute as much as my time allows.

My Ubuntu story

I am using kubuntu for several years now and I started my "Ubuntu story" with giving support in the german speaking kubuntu community ( I am still doing this, because I think it is important to see some support in our language.

Some months ago I started my packaging career and since then I have been contributing internationally. There is still a lot to learn for me, but I think I got in touch with Kubuntu development and I enjoy it.

My involvement

My first involvement were some plasma-widget packages. After that I joined the Kubuntu "Ninjas" team and helped packaging KDE 4.*

I am proud of packaging bilbo, which was not so easy for a beginner and took some time. Bilbo, now renamed to Blogilo, is part of kdepim. My latest package was minitube, I worked together with upstream to make it distributable and I am proud of upstream author being happy with us (: :

Currently I am working on packaging a good choqok for Lucid and as I'm in touch with it's developer, I plan to get it into 10.04.

As I said before, there is still more room for learning, but I think I am ready now for joining the MOTU team.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

  • plasma-widget-windowslist
  • plasma-widget-stasks
  • plasma-widget-fancytasks
  • plasma-widget-daisy
  • plasma-widget-plasmaboard
  • bilbo
  • minitube
  • koffice 2.* (PPA only)
  • Helped packaging KDE 4.*

Areas of work

I work with the Kubuntu team. I have already fixed some bugs, for example bug 409407 (which was fixed upstream before it succeeded) and bug 411020 (not my patch of course, I am not a coder)

Bugfixing still to come for Lucid after feature freeze, so let's see, what we can do here.

Things I could do better

I would like to do more bug triage. Packaging is fun, but a distribution lives from fixing relevant bugs as fast as possible and handle irrelevant bugs as good as we can to keep the user satisfied.


What I like least in Ubuntu

It would be great if Ubuntu would get a platform like mentors for Debian. Currently it is not fun for people who are not a MOTU or a Core Dev to get package updates to the dev version. I just talked to a new possible contributor and learned how hard it is to get in touch.


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