Christian Paratschek

My name is Christian Paratschek, I was born on April, 19., 1976 in Vienna/Austria.

I studied history and education at the University of Vienna and completed my studies in late 2004.

I've been in the IT business since 2000, evolving from a small job to finance my studies to my main profession. I am self-employed nowadays, working mostly for small companies and private people.

My main skills are: - HTML/CSS/PHP (although I am not a designer, I do quite a lot of webdesign because I know how to make barrier-free webpages) - Linux servers and services on top of them (SMB, SMTP, IMAP, VPN,...) - Building and maintaining small networks, mixed environments (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

I've been into Linux since sometime around 2001. I have been using Ubuntu since 4.10, using it as my main OS since then.




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