Christian Svensson


  • I'm an 18 year old Swedish* student currently studying Computer Science in Kalmar.

    My first encounter with Linux was with RedHat 5.2, around -98. I'm born -89 which sort of makes me an early adopter. My real interest blossomed first -02 with distributions like Gentoo, Debian, CRUX. The reason I switched to Ubuntu was that I wanted a system that didn't take forever to configure (+1 Debian), had a nice community (+1 Gentoo) and massive amounts of packages (+1 Debian). And when I found Ubuntu (+3 Everything), it was better than I could have hoped, I've been using Ubuntu since Edgy and loving it every day Smile :-)

* Sorry, I am a male Wink ;-)


  • Make the world secure! Far too few people known what SSL or VPN is, even fewer people knows how to use it. I want to help Ubuntu get a good frontend for users to feel comfortable to use GPG / SSL / VPNs, I will probably post blueprints if / when I get an idea Wink ;-) In smaller scale I would like to see a whole lot more people using Ubuntu instead of paying (or not paying) to use ... the "OS-that-should-not-be-named". I'm a quite heavy user of Wine, which makes Wine-related contributions (see Winekeyd) more than likely. Ubuntu needs all the help to get games / apps running as it can, right? I plan on getting as much experience in packing and using patching-systems and such to become an MOTU, and from there on helping that wish this too reach it.

Ubuntu Activities

Currently maintaining

  • None at the moment

Currently packing

Freenet related

  • Freenet Frost

    (lib)Wrapper (Blocking Freenet and Frost, blocked by bug)

iFolder related

  • iFolder iFolder Nautilus iFolder Server Simias

Wine related

  • Winekeyd libSocket++*

* Upstream contains in comprehensive licensing. Waiting for upstream.


My work on iFolder has resulted in following:

  • Extensive feedbacks to development team, talking about how to best apply Debian policy to their filetree.
  • Discussing back and forth with the MOTU-team on same basis as above
  • Clearing up some file that lacked licensing information
  • Helping them add a Ubuntu / Debian autobuild to their already existing autobuild for RPM-based systems

This is one of the most fun and challenging things I've done, and I really like helping upstream to help Ubuntu.


  • I'm also confirming old bugs (I've yet to fix any) to make everybody aware that this still needs fixing. I'll begin fix bugs soon, I'm just warming up here Wink ;-)


  • Sometimes, when you're bored with your PlayStation3 games, when I have nothing better to do I open the Translation tab at Launchpad and click on Swedish. This is more of a time-waster but I still put pride in it. I translate the kind of package I feel like at the moment so there is no real thought behind what packages I choose, but generally I choose packages with none or very few done translations. Since I'm a programmer, I think I can translate things people might have no idea what it means otherwise but who am I to judge others.

  • As noted, I am joined and helping in #ubuntu-se as often as I can. While I'm not in that room I'm probably outside (*gasp*) and it's quite likely I'll spread the word. For example: I made my "Operating System - Linux" course in school switch from teaching Slackware to Ubuntu, which resulted in that my fellow classmates got a total different point of view regarding Linux. I think 3-4 of my class of 20 uses it regularly thanks to that. Oh, and my dad is on the verge to converting too.

    I'm also helping newbies in the Swedish LoCo #ubuntu-se @ Freenode* as well as moderating an Open Source sub-section on the Flashback forum - Warning for Swedish.

* And participating in the occasional Ext3 versus ReiserFS fights, ReiserFS GO!


Future Plans

  • I will (within reason) continue maintaining my packages and help Ubuntu where I feel I can. Fixing annoyances, helping newbies and spreading the word. I will try as hard as my spare time allow to reach my goals, and spare time is something I have.

    I'm also working on a little game that I hopefully will be able to release to Ubuntu, watch out for Codename: Kenneth Smile :-)


  • None yet


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