This is a list of TODO & WIP for Chromium in Ubuntu.

For build instructions, see

The Ubuntu packaging branch is located in LP: bzr branch lp:chromium-browser

Daily debs for Hardy to Karmic:


  • src tarball needs a full review
  • debian/ is an attempt to simplify the task

system libs

  • DONE: zlib (still need in-source for contrib/minizip/*), bzip2, libxml2, libxslt, libjpeg, libpng, libsqlite3
  • unpatched: libevent, pcre
  • patched: icu, hunspell(?), lzma_sdk(?), ffmpeg (multi-threaded)
  • other: v8, webkit, skia, gtest, libtest, gmock, googleurl, modp_b64


shared libs

  • GYP_DEFINES="library=shared_library"
  • a lot of duplicated code making the debs unnecessary huge
    chromium-browser_3.0.193.0~svn20090708r20142-0ubuntu1~ucd3_amd64.deb (17.3 MiB)
    chromium-browser_3.0.193.0~svn20090708r20142-0ubuntu1~ucd3_i386.deb (17.3 MiB)
    chromium-browser_3.0.193.0~svn20090708r20142-0ubuntu1~ucd3_lpia.deb (15.2 MiB)
    chromium-browser-dbg_3.0.193.0~svn20090708r20142-0ubuntu1~ucd3_amd64.deb  (123.0 MiB)
    chromium-browser-dbg_3.0.193.0~svn20090708r20142-0ubuntu1~ucd3_i386.deb (123.0 MiB)
    chromium-browser-dbg_3.0.193.0~svn20090708r20142-0ubuntu1~ucd3_lpia.deb (117.2 MiB)
    chromium-testsuite_3.0.193.0~svn20090708r20142-0ubuntu1~ucd3_amd64.deb (184.6 MiB)
    chromium-testsuite_3.0.193.0~svn20090708r20142-0ubuntu1~ucd3_i386.deb (184.6 MiB)
    chromium-testsuite_3.0.193.0~svn20090708r20142-0ubuntu1~ucd3_lpia.deb (169.7 MiB)
    chromium-testsuite-dbg_3.0.193.0~svn20090708r20142-0ubuntu1~ucd3_amd64.deb (724.4 MiB)
    chromium-testsuite-dbg_3.0.193.0~svn20090708r20142-0ubuntu1~ucd3_i386.deb (724.3 MiB)
    chromium-testsuite-dbg_3.0.193.0~svn20090708r20142-0ubuntu1~ucd3_lpia.deb (684.3 MiB)
    chromium-browser_3.0.193.0~svn20090708r20142-0ubuntu1~ucd3.diff.gz (11.7 KiB)
    chromium-browser_3.0.193.0~svn20090708r20142-0ubuntu1~ucd3.dsc (2.0 KiB)
    chromium-browser_3.0.193.0~svn20090708r20142.orig.tar.gz (114.4 MiB)
  • load time penalty?

vendor ID in User Agent

make inspector optional

  • DONE as chromium-browser-inspector


  • (for the HTML5 audio/video tags)
  • DONE as chromium-codecs-ffmpeg(-nonfree)


  • DONE: suid sandbox
  • seccomp sandbox


  • DONE: Possible by adding --enable-plugins to either:

    • the command line
    • CHROMIUM_USER_FLAGS in the user environment
    • CHROMIUM_FLAGS in /etc/chromium-browser/default


  • starting to work, somehow.


extensions / addons

  • add the extension flags to the launcher script?
    • --enable-extensions --load-extension="/some/path"
      how to provide both a system path and a user path?
  • package a few extensions
    • most requested are adblock, greasemonkey and noscript
  • themes?

lang packs

  • DONE as chromium-browser-l10n


  • dicts are downloaded on demand, should use the system dicts instead

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