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As of 2014 the Ubuntu Classroom project is no longer active.
Thanks to everyone for their support over the years. Write to the ubuntu-community-team mailing list if you have further ideas in this space.

This article describes the procedures required to teach or run a class or session in #ubuntu-classroom.

Teaching a Class in the Ubuntu Classroom

Getting your class put on the schedule

To teach a class, you must first of all be knowledgeable about the subject you wish to teach. If this is your first time teaching a class, please review the instructions on the submissions page and follow the requirements outlined there. After you have been approved, or if you have taught a class before, a Classroom Manager will add your class to the official Learning Events Calendar.

Before your class begins

When your class is scheduled to begin, ClassBot will change the topic in both #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat to reflect your class. ClassBot will also give the instructor(s) voice in both channels, and will set #ubuntu-classroom to moderated if your class is to be moderated.

During the Class

Please refer to the ClassBot help page to learn how to use ClassBot during your classroom session.


Each class should last around an hour, up to a maximum of two hours, with a minimum of half an hour. The length of the class is determined by the amount of material covered by the instructors, by the amount of questions asked, etc.

After the Class

After your classroom session, ClassBot will set #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat back to their default settings.

Interested in taking your class farther?

Now that you have finished your class, are you interested in making it a permanent part of Ubuntu education? Help us make your session into a class for the Ubuntu Community Learning Project. Feel free to contact the UCLP team via their mailing list on the UCLP wiki page, or via IRC in #ubuntu-learning for more help.