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Clear message

Below are some things to consider when holding a classroom session using Google+ on-air Hangouts.


These are some of the shortcomings we've experienced when running classes this way.

  • Whoever starts the on-air hangout must remain in the hangout
  • Video is recorded to the personal youtube account of the person who starts the hangout
  • Video URL doesn't use the hangout name


These are the problems that resulted from the shortcomings above.

  • Session leads have to start their own hangout and use their own youtube account (unless someone does this for them)
  • Participants have to switch to a different youtube page every hour
  • Video URL won't be known until the hangout is started


Here is what we did to avoid or alleviate the problems.

  • Have one support person who can start each session and remain connected during them
  • Allow a 10 minute break between session to allow time to create the new hangout and update relevant links
  • Create a dedicated classroom page that gets manually updated before every session

    • This page should contain an embedded link to the video and an embedded webchat to the channel for asking questions

Support Tasks

These are the things we did on a regular basis.

  • Create the hangout with on-air option, use the session name as the hangout name,
  • Invite instructors, update dedicated classroom page with the Youtube link and session name
  • Add to YouTube comments (note that http:// is missing, youtube won’t allow full urls): "Watch the video and ask questions at <classroom page>"

  • Check youtube comments for questions anyway
  • Let the instructor know about comments on IRC or youtube (if desired)
  • Update the even schedule page with video link after the broadcast