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History: Started out in Unix, though you couldn't call it Unix, on an ICL Perq System 7 and a 68K SYS III, and was mainly involved in development and sysadmin ever since, though I did flirt with the dark side as a Windows developer (Win2/3) for a while. Installed and admin'ed some BSDI and SYS V boxes. First Linux install was RH 7.0 (Guinness) and stuck with RH up through 9.0 when they killed RH Networks.

My then current MD was a major influence on me to switch my desktop to Linux. We ordered two all singing all dancing pc, just after the 939 pin AMD chips started to be available in volume. Graham, the MD wanted a full, not OEM version, of XP and a new copy of MS Office, which we purchased for several hundred pounds (I live in England). I was very busy at the time and didn't even unpack my PC. Mean while, for about the next two weeks, Graham relayed a tale of registrations, fire wall conflicts, malware attacks while trying to install anti-virus s/w........

I had intended to follow Graham down the XP route for my new desktop, but his monologue problems convinced me to switch. Top of the stack of cover disks from various Linux magazines was Fedora Core 3. About 18 months later I was given a boxed set of SuSE 9.3 which I used for while before installing Breezy which a been upgraded several times to Feisty.

I'm trying to help with documentation, but haven't quite got to grips with all the ubuntu web sites/systems.


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