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About Claudio Santibañez:

Born nearly 39 years ago and raised in Santiago, Chile. (Except for a few years I was in Southern Chile studying at the university)

He worked in Computer Science since 1990: training, technical support, systems engineering, security, software development, project leadership, product development and consultancies.

After 15 years in top-level companies in my country, I am starting my own business: GESTUM.

I know Linux since 1994, which was the first time I installed a (still have the datacardtrige with that version!), And after having tried a few distributions, I moved permanently to Ubuntu in October 2005.

I am interested in spreading the use of open source and free software as a way to allow access to ICT to small and medium enterprises 2(SMEs).

I can be found at [WWW]ñez

  1. A summary of your contributions to Ubuntu (no longer than 2-3 lines)
  2. A link to your Launchpad profile
  3. A complete description of your contributions to Ubuntu
  4. Your plans and ideas for Ubuntu in the near and far future

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