I have been using Linux since 2001 where I had a friend install Redhat for me. Since then I moved to Slackware and Debian where I stayed untill I started to use Ubuntu in the spring of 2005. I have just installed 5.10 on my new Optiplex GX620 machine.

I have learned most of what I know about Linux from reading the online books on the Danish/Swedish Linux user group (SSLUG) site ( but have never really given much back to the Linux community. This has now changed!

I have a background as a Pharmacist (MSc Pharm) with speciality in Medicinal Chemistry and in my daily life I work with Research Informatics. The knowledge was used to create an application for my IT Diploma thesis, where I made a chemicalinventory system (see below), and that has now been launched as an Open Source project that I hope/think the Universities around the world can use.

Contact information

Name: Claus Stie Kallesøe

Nationality: Danish (born January 9th, 1972)

Location: Dragør, Copenhagen. Denmark

Email: <clausstiekallesoe REMOVE_THIS AT yahoo DOT dk>

Free and Open Source Software activities

I maintain an Open Source chemicalinventory together with one of my friends. We developed the main part of the application when we made our IT Diploma thesis in 2004 but it has just recently (October 2005) been launched as an Open Source project. The application has been running at the Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences ( since 2003.

you can read more about the project on the homepage: or go directly to the sourcecode on


Work as Head of Department, Research Informatics at a Danish Pharmaceutical company


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