Roadmap for implementing a student-control-panel version intended for Internet cafés.


Student-control-panel has many features for the education environment, which would also be desirable in Internet cafés. Internet café owners have to spend around €300 for each computer they work with, so they would most probably switch to Ubuntu had they the tools to work as they do in Windows now.

The main features of such a program would be to be able to start a client session (either prepaid with a countdown, or paid after the session has finished) and register specific clients who could use a voucher and access the client through a password.

Other desirable capabilities would be a billing system including sold articles, the ability to send instant messages from the server to the client and viceversa and to establish a VNC connection, and a system to automatically delete any saved data, either at the end of the session or at the end of the day.

The client software should be installable in Windows computers, in case the owner needs to keep one or more Windows machines.

Use cases


Design and Implementation

Killing processes

Remote desktop access

Execution of programs in the users session(s)

Lockdown on the fly


Outstanding issues

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