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  • Created: 2010-11-04

  • Contributors: Scott Moser, Dustin Kirkland, David Walker, Others

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BoF agenda and discussion

With the 10.10 release, we offered a free test drive of 10.10 Server for 1 hour. The code that ran is 'awstrial'. How else can Ubuntu use this concept.

 * Ubuntu Trials/Demo of general ubuntu
 * Conferences
 * "coupon code" business cards

Awstrial features:
 * better templating (ie, no 'ubuntu cloud 10')
 * configurable time limit
 * stop instance , start instance
 * always generate a password
 * desktop trial in the cloud (as a logical extension) -- Gerry's top priority
   * Edubuntu uses FreeNX server
   * (Beer) free java NX client
   * many people trying this are windows users, who have java installed
   * [smoser] development version (ie, natty during natty)
   * investigate t1.micro sized
 * Rackspace, UEC (or other backends)?
   * Actually any of these should work as long as they support the EC2 API
 * Nicer hostnames (via dyndns or running our own bind server)
 * address 'what do i do now?"
   * scavenger hunt or some task
   * show key features of ubuntu server
   * demo, pick task, someone try to accomplish in this time
   * really need to demo the management of the image (puppet, or something like)
 * development / bug verification
 * web based terminal
   * Alon: turnkey has a webshell
 * run a campaign of the current devel release for people to try to reproduce bugs in the current release, t1.micro ($0.02) would be sufficient for this
 * Gerry: would like to extend this to ISV to demo their applications
  * coupon codes
  * isv offerings (add ibm db2 as a thing to pick)
  * desktop!
  * hostname and dyndnsgrs
  * graphing and reporting
  * templates have to be per-campaign

 * ~4800 users since 10.10
 * $0.085 / instance
 * ~$408

Chuck: better countdown animation

From feedback:
 * Main negative: people who updated their keys in Launchpad
   * ACTION: Perhaps always generate a password

smoser's notes
* coupon codes
* isv offerings (add ibm db2 as a thing to pick)
* desktop!
* hostname and dyndns
* graphing and reporting
* templates have to be per-campaign


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