Central place for all my personal pointers: (LinkedIn, Picasaweb, blog, etc.)

I am a french research engineer working at Gemalto, a smart card manufacturer. I have been working on a Java framework for using Smart Cards named Open Card Framework (OCF), see the web site I have set-up for more details: I am now involved in prototyping the next generation Java cards (Java Card 3.0). Some of my interests include Tcl and are detailed (not very much) in my Advogato Personal info page: In the near (?) future, I intend to develop this page with pointers on tips for using Ubuntu with photography:


I am using (K)Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) on a Dell D830.

Thanks all teams for a wonderfully stable yet up-to-date distrib. And of course thanks to all debian developers as well.


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