Colin Dean

I hold a B.S. in computer science from Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pa. I'm a M.S. Business Education candidate at Robert Morris University in Moon Township, Pa.

I first became interested in Ubuntu because of its weird name and its association with MarkShuttleworth.

At the moment, I'm knowledgeable in PHP, Bash, Java, HTML, CSS, XML, XSL, Visual Basic, SQL, and C. I enjoy tinkering with Scheme and Smalltalk, too. I can do Python at a little higher than beginner level.

See my Launchpad page for my project activity. I tend to watch Ubiquity and the Esperanto translation the most.

I also have a lot of skills in publications and press writing. I ran Westminster's newspaper for two years, so I know a lot of the advertising and publications lingo and such.


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