I, Colin King, apply for Per Package Upload rights for packages zfsutils-linux and spl-linux.


Colin King

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ZFS in Ubuntu is packaged in zfsutils-linux (the file system part) and spl-linux (the OS shim layer). Changes to the kernel modules in these packages are kept in sync into the kernel source. As I work on ZFS+SPL bug fixing I'd like to have PPU rights. I've been working on these packages since Ubuntu Wily and I think I have plenty of history of working on these now to show I'm competent enough for these rights.

Who I am

I am a Canonical employee and currently working as a Kernel Engineer in the Ubuntu Kernel Team. I have worked on various parts of the kernel and have nearly 500 commits in the kernel source. I developed various projects in Ubuntu, such as the Firmware Test Suite and stress-ng and I also work on maintenance of ZFS and SPL that I introduced into Ubuntu 15.10 Wily.

I keep a Ubuntu related blog with postings on kernel and system related hints and tips.

My Ubuntu story

I've been working with Linux since the early 2.0 day. I was introduced to Ubuntu in mid-2006 and became a kernel team member in 2008 where I worked on Hardy 8.04. This gave me exposure to working on low level gnarly bugs and I got involved in resolving various ACPI and firmware related bugs. I like working on low-level hardware related bugs where knowledge of a processor architecture and hardware is essential to resolve issues. My aim is to try and improve over all system quality by catching bugs early on using intelligent automated tools.

I've been a Debian Maintainer for several years,

My involvement

As a Ubuntu Kernel Engineer, I'm focused on working on broad range of kernel related bug fixing and maintenance issues. One of my many tasks is maintenance of ZFS in Ubuntu.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

I put a lot of my spare + free time into developing the Firmware Test Suite which is a swiss-army-knife tool to diagnose firmware (BIOS/UEFI) related bugs. This is helping to make Ubuntu work better on hardware and slowly we are improving quality of Ubuntu at the BIOS/kernel interface through use of this tool.

I also contribute patches to the kernel across a variety of subsystems with hundreds of trivial upstream fixes in the Linux kernel. I also like to work on testing and finding bugs early in the development cycle.

Areas of work

Anything to do with low-level hardware and firmware and fixing kernel bugs. I like working trying to find bugs early through static analysis and solid regression testing. For testing I've written a range of kernel smoke tests for the kernel team as well as developed the Firmware Test Suite and stress-ng.

Things I could do better

Turn around ZFS/SPL bugs faster.

Plans for the future

Continue kernel related work and focus on pushing up quality.


What I like least in Ubuntu

Regressions, both in terms of stumbling upon them and figuring out fixes.


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Andy Whitcroft

General feedback

I have worked with Colin for a number of years sponsoring various packages (most of which he now has upload rights for). Recently I have been reviewing and waving through his zfs-linux and spl-linux uploads. Colin is a detailed person and his packages show clear thought and attention payed. When I have had queries or issues he has been quick to respond and to rectify issues.

Specific Experiences of working together

I have just sponsored a pair of zfs-linux and spl-linux packages into artful. As always they were clean and tidy and ready for sponsorship. They represented work to get those packages ready for our upcoming kernel bump to 4.11 so he was preempting work needing done in advance.

Areas of Improvement

Apply for upload rights to things sooner so I do not have to review so many packages :).


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Eric Desrochers

General feedback

I worked with Colin on several ZFS Ubuntu/Debian/Upstream bugs. Colin is meticulous and knows exactly what he is doing. Additionally, Colin has a deep understanding of the kernel internals which is a an advantage when working with zfsutils + spl.

Specific Experiences of working together

Note that I never had the chance to upload Colin's debdiff yet, but I worked with him on several occasions (ZFS related works), and he shared with me a lot of good documentations made on his own about ZFS kernel patch generation to keep zfsutils and spl kernel related changes sync'd and how to perform regression test for ZFS. We also collaborated on some ZFS SRUs over the year.

Areas of Improvement

Take the time to share and make your good ZFS documentation/procedures public on for a wider audience of ZFS contributors.


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