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Participation in the Ubuntu Community


I try to generally help in the community: triaging bugs and answering questions on Launchpad, responding to posts and helping out on the forums, maintaining the wiki, among other things. I am also frequently on IRC providing support.

Team Involvement

Ubuntu Beginners Team

I am a active member of the Ubuntu Beginners Team. The Beginners Team (or BT for short) is focused upon assisting new Ubuntu users transition from Windows/Mac. We generally patrol the "Absolute Beginners Talk" forum, assisting where we can.

BT Development Focus Group

I am a member of the BT Development Focus Group (or FG for short). The Development FG focuses, obviously, upon development and programming. All that aside, I am mainly on IRC in our channel #ubuntu-beginners-dev providing general assistance to anyone alike.

Ubuntu Forums Unanswered Posts Team

I am a recently appointed leader of the Ubuntu Forums Unanswered Posts Team (known as UFUA or UA). The UA is focused upon replying to questions with no replies, so new users will not feel left out and/or that others do not care about their problems.

Georgia US LoCo

I am a member of the Georgia US LoCo. The Georgia LoCo focuses upon increasing usage of Ubuntu and Linux in general in the peach state. We host install fests and release parties, among other face-to-face meetings.

Launchpad Teams Bash Shell Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team Answers Club Ubuntu Georgia LoCo Launchpad Users Scripters Netrek Client COW Team REVU Uploaders Bug Squad Ubuntu Beginners Team Ubuntu Beginners Team Development Focus Group Ubuntu LoCo Enthusiasts Ubuntu Marketing Ubuntu Students Ubuntu Testing Team Ubuntu Users Netrek Server Team Ubuntu Members TedTurner++ Netrek Client Development Team Ubuntu Forums Unanswered Posts Team

My HowTos

Plans for the Future

I plan on continuing my work in the Ubuntu community in various ways. I plan on becoming a MOTU and/or joining Ubuntu Bug Control. I plan on expanding my knowledge of open-source software to assist the before said things.


Ubuntu Membership

  • Hellow/Colin is a helpful and positive influence in the community, forums, and the Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team. He is always willing to help in anyway that he can either in the forums or on IRC. Vantrax

  • It has been a lot of fun working with Hellow on the Beginners Team. Despite being young, he is incredibly knowledgeable and is always looking for new things to learn and more ways to contribute! He has continually shown a professional and positive attitude with the team and when helping others on the forums. For being true to the Ubuntu spirit, I support this "young buck" for Ubuntu Membership! - Rocket2DMn

  • I have found Hellow to be eager to assist new members and always looking for ways to contribute. He is a very upbeat and active member of the BT. I echo Rocket2DMn in his support for this "young buck". PrivateVoid

  • Although I have not known Hellow long, I feel I have gotten to know him very well. He is always eager to help in any way he can, and has demonstrated good knowledge about Ubuntu and other related topics. I have no doubt that he will continue to contribute to Ubuntu in the future. Hellow has my support for Ubuntu membership. nhandler

  • Hellow is very helpful and is involved in many different Linux projects. jamesrfla

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