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||<style="background:#F07746;color:#ffffff;align:center;border:0;margin:0;">'''Google+ Page:'''|| {{}}[[|Page]] (2,455 seguidores) and 3,089,124 views ||
||<style="background:#d0562f;color:#ffffff;align:center;border:0;margin:0;">'''Facebook Page:'''||{{}} [[|UbuntuColombia]] (7468 likes) ||
||<style="background:#F07746;color:#ffffff;align:center;border:0;margin:0;">'''Twitter:'''||{{}} [[|@ubuntuco]] (4659 followers) ||
||<style="background:#F07746;color:#ffffff;align:center;border:0;margin:0;">'''Telegram:'''||{{|Telegram|width=20 height=20}} [[|Soporte Ubuntu Colombia]] (92 members) ||
||<style="background:#F07746;color:#ffffff;align:center;border:0;margin:0;">'''Google+ Page:'''|| {{}}[[|Page]] (2,628 seguidores) ||
||<style="background:#d0562f;color:#ffffff;align:center;border:0;margin:0;">'''Facebook Page:'''||{{}} [[|UbuntuColombia]] (7765 likes) ||
||<style="background:#F07746;color:#ffffff;align:center;border:0;margin:0;">'''Twitter:'''||{{}} [[|@ubuntuco]] (5745 followers) ||
||<style="background:#F07746;color:#ffffff;align:center;border:0;margin:0;">'''Telegram:'''||{{|Telegram|width=20 height=20}} [[|Soporte Ubuntu Colombia]] (138 members) ||

Ubuntu Colombia 2017 - 2019

Ubuntu Colombia Re-approval

Ubuntu Colombia is one of the most traditional LoCo Teams within the regional and global communities, specially with the Spanish language ones. As Ubuntu Colombia is conscious about the importance to keep being recognized as an active and official LoCo Team, we've created this Wiki page to summarize the main activities that we've done during the last three years. We know that the re-approval application should be done in 2016, but as many other communities we faced some problems during 2015 to 2016, now we are again active, and we want to continue spreading the FLOSS voice, the Ubuntu philosophy and the Ubuntu OS and related services.

General data

Datos del Team


July 22, 2017

Team establishment:

Noviembre 25 de 2005

Team Admins:

Ubuntu Colombian Council

Team Contact:

Lina Porras

Membership: 27 launchpad members





Mailing List:

805 suscriptors


#ubuntu-co on Freenode (logged on

Google+ Page: (2,628 seguidores)

Facebook Page: UbuntuColombia (7765 likes)

Twitter: @ubuntuco (5745 followers)


Telegram Soporte Ubuntu Colombia (138 members)

Ubuntu Colombia Members

Ubuntu-Co has decreased the number of official members in Launchpad, however with the activities that we are doing, we have increased the members in our different channels and more than that, the people collaborating with the team that have made possible the update of this Wiki and has support the different activities that we report here. We had a process for the membership, that we plan to update after we accomplish the re-verification because it includes the creation of a Ubuntu Wiki that has been difficult.


Ubuntu Colombia is being administered by the council, composed by official community members. Within its tasks, it should help fulfilling the community's interests in general, serve as support for different activities and events held all over the country, look for a harmony and orderly development in the community growth and help in establishing cooperation agreements between different LoCo Teams and communities within Colombia and other countries, within other several tasks.

As we mentioned before, we faced a crisis in 2015-2016 and the Council is not fully active, we plan to continue working at least one year more, in order to boost the community and after that call new elections.

Council's Wiki Page

Council's Launchpad

Team's Mission

To promote the use of open source software, open formats, free software licenses, Open Data and Open Knowledge in Colombia, by using Ubuntu and spreading Ubuntu and its philosophy.

Team's objectives

  • Ubuntu To be again an Official LoCo.

    Ubuntu To rise the Ubuntu LoCo Team Members

    Ubuntu To continue working as a team that spreads FLOSS.

    Ubuntu To participate in at least three (3) massive events all over Colombia as in the FLISoL or Software Freedom Day.

    Ubuntu To reinforce formal cooperative bonds with at least three (3) free software communities in Colombia.

    Ubuntu To create at least two (2) courses that contribute to spread GNU/Linux and other Open Source Software knowledge in our country.

Events picks and activities

The last 3 years we have been participating in a lot of activities

2014 - Winter

Ubuntu Software Freedom Day (SFD) 2014: The 2014 edition of the SFD was organized by several FLOSS communities in different cities in Colombia. The event, in which Ubuntu-co actively participated in the capital city (Bogotá) held talks, workshops, CTF (capture the flag game) and other activities. The event took place in the "Santo Tomas de Aquino" University on October the 4th between 8 am and 6 pm. Some members of our community spread the word with activites such as:

  • Sharing resources with iSCSI - Compartiendo recursos por iscsi - Brayan Bautista, Oscar Prieto-Network Bogotá y UbuntuColombia and Introducing Free Software with Debian-based distributions (Ubuntu) - Introducción al software libre con distribuciones basadas en Debian. More information about SFD website and Ubuntu-Co in SFD here

Also, for the first time, Medellin hosted an SFD, it was in October the 18th between 10 am - 6 pm at the ITM (Instituto Tecnico Metropolitano), Jose Luis Cortés really pushed this event to success with 8 talks, 10 workshops, giving away CDs, lanyards, pens, t-shirts as well as other Ubuntu material. More information can be found here, Event photos can be found here

Ubuntu Free Software Course in Ciudadela 2000 School - Cartagena 2014. Picture

Ubuntu Third day of Digital Culture and Technologies, Octber 28 in Chia, Cundinamarca. Ubuntu Colombia participated with 3 conferences: Raspberry.pi with Jhosman Lizarazo, Ubuntu by Nestor, and Open Technologies: a powerful idea by Lina Porras. See more

Ubuntu Ubuntu Colombia 9 Years, we had 2 conferences, one about the .Net release under the MIT license by Maria del Pilar Saenz and the information about Red Hat System Administrator Certification. Photos.


Ubuntu Free Software: Secure and Powerful: In this activity the Ubuntu Colombia members Oscar Prieto and Juan Quijano gave a speech to more than 200 High School students about the free software philosophy and liberties, distributions, community, collaboration and development platforms (launchpad). See Event Wiki

Ubuntu FLISoL Bogotá 2015: This festival was held on June 26, 2015 in Bogotá, this event was organized by Ubuntu Colombia and Alive Projects, was sponsored by Ubuntu, CorreLibre, ColombianHost and Fundación Karisma. In the event there was a day of installation where people took their computers and were taught to install Ubuntu, there were also talks, conferences and workshops, which sought to encourage people to use free software. One of these talks was taught by Juan Quijano, a member of Ubuntu Colombia, his talk was an introduction to free software See more.

Ubuntu Software Freedom Day 2015 (Bogotá and Medellin): This event was held on October 19, 2015 at the Corporacion Unificada Nacional and the Fundación Universitaria Korand Lorenz in the city of Bogotá, It has been made different lectures and workshops on hacking, free games, augmented reality, Python, IPv6, among others. All these talks emphasized in the use of the software free. One of these workshops was given by Juan Quijano, this workshop dealt with "How to Contribute to Ubuntu without being Programmer. Agenda, Photo1, Photo2


Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus Release Party: This was a social meet up of the Ubuntu Colombia community members to celebrate the new LTS release of Ubuntu. Event Page

Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.10: Introduction talk and installation Workshop: In this activity, community leader linaporras gave a speech for new users of Ubuntu about it's new features and advantages, and then community member Edwin Garzon leaded a workshop showing the process, partitioning and tips & tricks of the Ubuntu 16.10 installation. Event Page

Ubuntu Free Software Working Time or Jornada de Software Libre (JSL): Between the days 26 and 27 of November was realized the Jornada de software libre in the Virgilio Barco Public Library. A space for people interested in contributing, strengthen and promote the free software.

The event was developed based on working circles with topics such as:

- Government, territory and public policies where topics such as the elaboration of strategies for the follow-up and promotion of the Free Software policy initially with an approach in Bogotá and later at the national level. Table of government

- The subject of education and investigation was then discussed, where strategies for inclusion of free software in education and its articulation with research. Table of education

- Later they became known the different profiles of the developers of the community, the needs they presented and generated proposals that would make this point more visible which is one of the strongest in the community. Table of developers

- Also discussed was the articulation with the business sector and entrepreneurship whose central theme was the determination of the possible services that the community can offer along with strategies to make them feasible. Table of enterprise and entrepreneurship

- Finally, strategies were established for the dissemination of FLIsoL and Software Freedom Day Of 2017. Table of diffusion

Ubuntu 11th Anniversary of the Ubuntu Colombia Community: On December 3rd, the community celebrated it's Eleventh anniversary with a small reunion of old and new members and a bowling game. Event Page and Photo Gallery

Ubuntu Workshop: Ubuntu for technicians from another OS: In this activity, community member Edwin Garzon showed how Ubuntu can work in parallel with other operating systems (dual boot), and it's advantages. Event info

Ubuntu Celebrating Christmas with Ubuntu Colombia: In this activity, the community team leader linaporras and other community members helped to install the data network and installed Free software for the Salvemos a Christian foundation. Mail list Thread


Ubuntu FLISoL Bogotá 2017: Latin American Free Software Install Fest FLISoL is a festival that consists of the dissemination of free software at Latin American level through conferences, workshops, software installation, etc. This event was co-organized mainly by Ubuntu Colombia, CorreLibre, Hackbo and SkinaIT, all the partners can be seen here A month before the day of the event, the community began to spread it through social networks and flyers, the same day of the event was counted on the presence of an on-line radio that interviewed each lecturer. Canonical supported us with a budget for the development of the event (1,500 USD) and requested publicity material directly from CANONICAL and we bought publicity material to publicize the UBUNTU CO event and the UBUNTU CO community (keychains, prints, personalized UBUNTU cards, a facing hall Display, stickers, etc).It counted with the support of the high council of the TIC and the mayoralty of Bogotá for the place and its adaptation. The venue was divided into four parts: a. Government and culture that consisted of conferences related to government policies and citizen culture in front of the technology (open data, citizen digital services etc.) b. An area set for the realization of workshops dedicated to the practical part such as the installation of a LAPP server, implementation of firewalls in high availability etc Photo. c. The zone of installers consisted of tables with what is necessary to install from free software to a free operating system. d. A space at the entrance of the event for the sponsors' booths, the Ubuntu Co stand had the Canonical public material, the t-shirts that were sent to stamp etc. For the event, tables and chairs were rented for the attendants, refreshment for installers and staff.No internet service could be obtained so the day before they bought tools, wiring and devices to create a local network with repositories. In conclusion, it was a successful event with more than 700 attendees and 35 facilities.

Of course Ubuntu Colombia Community has a stand which was the biggest and most successful of the event Photo

Ubuntu FLISoL Medellin 2017: See more

Ubuntu After FLISoL - Members of the Ubuntu Colombia Team are supporting the After FLISoL which is an initiative to promote online workshops to talk about technology and FLOSS. Crypto-currencies - Programmable Money, The Linux History in Colombia

Ubuntu Scratch Day - We help to spread the voice about this event and we went the day of the event. Photos

Ubuntu Workshops in Universities about Zentyal and tools for managing networks by Edwin Garzon; Photos

Ubuntu Share time - Celebrating the Diego and Lina birthday

Ubuntu The Great LPIC-1 Preparatory Course: The Ubuntu Colombia community works shoulder to shoulder to be able to disseminate knowledge, and in this task has reached many people interested in acquiring it. There are different certifications in the field of Linux, however in Ubuntu Colombia we wanted to give emphasis to the preparation course for the LPIC-1 certification of the Professional Institute Linux, non-profit organization which prepares the professional in information technologies using Systems Operating systems. On this occasion, we had the support of strategic allies who gave us their unconditional support, such as Fundación CorreLibre, who lent us their facilities to develop the course, we also supported great professionals certified in free technologies like Instructors.

The development of the course was divided into several sessions face-to-face, the topics covered were GNU / Linux Architecture and Hardware Identification, Boot System, etc. (the agenda is available here ), the students followed the commands and instructions of the instructor in his own computer, virtual sessions were assigned to each student see more. The students also practice with exams in which the topics were evaluated, the results of the exams were socialized to be able to see the failures and to be able to improve. The course finished with a test of 60 questions that simulated the certification, and could not miss the cake of Ubuntu Colombia

This event as well as strengthening knowledge also served to strengthen ties of friendship within the community and to be more productive in the diffusion of knowledge Photo.

Ubuntu The LaTeX course 1.0 See more

Partner Organizations

Ubuntu Fundación CorreLibre (Website) a non-profit organization that promotes and develop Free Software and advocate for Open Knowledge.

Ubuntu Hackbo - Hackerspacce Bogota (Website): A hackerspace, a physical and virtual space, related to technologies, in particular the digital ones, managed and sustained communitarian, to find us, to converse and / or realize projects for profit or pleasure.

Ubuntu Fundación Karisma (Website): is a civil society organization that responds to the threats and opportunities posed by the "Technology for development" to the exercise of human rights.

Ubuntu Ixmatic (Website): a non-profit organization made up of professionals in education and technology, who advises, develops and accompanies educational processes mediated by emerging technologies, in order to foster alternative pedagogical practices aimed at generating a social and cultural impact. Specifically we cooperate in the difussion of Scratch.

Ubuntu Laboratorio de ideas abiertas (lab.ia): is a Colombian initiative that is under construction and pretends to be a "hub" for the diferents FLOSS communities.

Social Networks

Since last year, Ubuntu Colombia decided to keep itself closer to our users no matter where they were located. This strategy led us to an intensive social networks use, spreading the word about Ubuntu and free software. The accomplishments of this work are testified on the next images.

Facebook Charts

Some of our most recent stats.

General stats


Youtube Channel of Ubuntu Colombia

Youtube Stats

Youtube stats last 365 days Youtube stats last 365 days

previous stats

Previous reports and approvals

Our first re-approval from 2010:

Reaprobación 2010

Reaprobación 2012

Last report from 2011:

Reporte 2011

Re approval from 2012:

Reporte 2012

Contributors to this Wiki

Ubuntu Alexander Bejarano

Ubuntu @DavidLatorre90

Ubuntu Nelson Florez

Ubuntu Esteban Fajardo

Ubuntu @ltibaduiza

Ubuntu @linaporras

Ubuntu Samuel Pacheco

Ubuntu David Guerrero


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