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The Colorado Ubuntu Linux Team is an Ubuntu "Local Community Team" (aka CoLoCo Team) that advocates the use of Open Source software and Ubuntu Linux in the State of Colorado, US. This is done through CD distribution, team expansion, user-base support, and outreach programs.

The Colorado Local Community Team is not meant to replace our local LUGs but rather enhance their overall experience by having a dedicated place to discuss, contribute, and gain support from local Ubuntu users.

While we were not the first Local Community Team in the USA, we were the first to complete the official process and become fully recognized by the Ubuntu Community Council.

More up-to-date information can be found at our website.

Key Details

  • Date - 10-16-2010

  • Team Contact - David Overcash <dovercash [at] ubuntu [d0t] com>

  • Membership - 255 Launchpad members, 137 registered mailing list members.

  • Mailing List - ubuntu-us-co on

  • IRC - #ubuntu-us-co on freenode

  • Twitter - @coloradoloco

  • Flickr -


In the past CoLoCo aimed to have a large event twice a year (generally, this was a release party) - we've found that, while this was certainly achievable, it was not engaging all members as frequently as possible. In response of our members' desire to have more frequent events for troubleshooting and general shop-talk, we've begun to co-host events with other local Linux groups. Casual meet-ups have become a great platform for the group to engage with both new and veteran members, in addition to providing a frequent point of contact for planning our larger events.

== Overall Goal ==

To increase the frequency of group events while also broadening the content and discussion topics for the benefit of our member base.

Planned 2011 Events

  • Denver Area Meetups - While we have already been sponsoring these meetups, we're looking to use them to increase awareness and membership for the team. We're going to continue to sponsor these events and use them as a means to advertise for future release parties, etc.

  • Install Fests - Work with CLUE (Colorado Linux Users and Enthusiasts) ( ) to provide Ubuntu support and installation media at their install fests.

  • TIE Conference 2011 - One of our members - "JimHutchinson" - has gained approval to give several talk at the Technology in Education Conference in Copper Mountain, Colorado this summer. He is planning on demonstrating how Ubuntu and FOSS can help empower teachers at low cost. In the past he has covered a broad range of topics from thin-client labs to demonstrating specific software packages. This summer our members will show up en-masse to assist with his sessions, provide one-on-one support for the conference attendees, and to staff a booth promoting Ubuntu.

  • Education Classes - We have dozens of members who are both willing and able to be great teachers when it comes to Linux and Ubuntu. We have previously partnered with David Willson to have him lead a class for Linux+ Certification - which led directly into an Ubuntu Certification class. These had a great turnout with a consistent class-size of 20 participants throughout the 8 week course. Possible partners for future teaching events include Boulder Community Computers ( ) and CLUE ( see above ).

Previous Events

  • Release Parties - The 6 month Ubuntu Release Party.

    • The group has hosted a release party for every Ubuntu release since it's inception.
    • The Maverick Meerkat release (10.10) was our best yet, having plenty of our own members PLUS the participation of several local Linux enthusiast groups.
    • Photos - NerdyNick Picasa

    • Fliers - Side 1 Side 2

    • Videos = Video From Last Release

  • Technology in Education - One of our members, JimHutchinson, has partnered with TIE several years in a row to present on a broad range of topics for Ubuntu and FOSS, including everything from demonstrating the use of thin-client labs to more specific software package demonstrations.

  • General Activism - We all are very active in many other groups and continue to direct others to Ubuntu and our group for continued help.

  • Distribution of CD's - Besides distributing CDs to members and inquiring Linux users, we provide copies of Ubuntu CDs to local computer-related book stores and other venues ( i.e. coffee shops, libraries, etc. ).

  • Ubucon - We hosted a Ubucon at Googles offices in Boulder, CO . This was an unconference style get-together where several of our members presented on topics that interested the group and also provided a platform for trouble-shooting some problems that several of us had been having with specific applications.

  • ISTE 2010 - Sponsored a presentation on using Linux in the classroom and to re-create aging computer labs. ISTE ( ) is another conference bringing together educators and technology.

  • Denver Area Meetups - One of our members created two Linux meetup groups for both North Denver and South Denver. We've agreed to sponsor these meetups by providing CDs and an ample supply of Ubuntu users and administrators. For more information see: