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Hardy Release Party


  1. Jim Hutchinson
  2. Mitch Mahan
  3. Simon Engelbert (Siblog) and Guest. Possibly more
  4. Kevin Fries
  5. Andrew Barney aka: keen101 (if a ride is available. *nudging jim* (/me can probably work something out))
  6. Carl Richell + 1
  7. Tom Aaron
  8. Richard Guenther and wife Kathy.
  9. Don Schwartz aka BuellTT & possibly 1 guest

  10. Paul Hummer (rockstar_) and wife (able to give rides *nudging Andrew*)
  11. Neal McBurnett (nealmcb)

  12. Joey
  13. Sean and Evelyn
  14. Scott Scriven (ToyKeeper)

Note that guests aren't included in the automatic numbering. There are now about 5 possible guests


  1. Michael McMaster - not able to attend