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## page was renamed from ColoradoTeamVerificationApplication
## page was copied from LoCoExampleApplication
(''you should call your application page <yourteam>VerificationApplication or place it in your LoCo team's sub-pages'')

Here you should provide a summary of your group over a couple of short paragraphs.
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 * '''Date''' - (''list the date of application'')  * '''Date''' - (''March 13, 2014'')
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 * '''Membership''' - 56 as of 10 March 2014  * '''Membership''' - 60 as of 10 March 2014
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 * '''IRC''' - #ubuntu-foo on freenode  * '''IRC''' - #ubuntu-us-co on freenode

Key Details


Our team is in the process of developing an outline to encourage our team to be more active, and encourage volunteers for all of the proposed ideas. It's my goal to get our team active and verified by the end of March.


List here activities that the group has already done. Again provide links to online discussions, reviews, blog entries etc:


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