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The Colorado Ubuntu Linux Team - (CoLoCo Team) is a small Colorado group devoted to educating the public on open-source software, with a focus on Ubuntu Linux. Our public involvement is currently limited, but we are driven to improve the ways we get out and promote Ubuntu. We currently provide the following services to the public:

  • CD distribution
  • Basic local user support

In addition to our public services, we also host release parties marking both the April and October final releases. Historically this is on the first sunday following the release. For example, the upcoming 12.10 release is scheduled for October 18th, and the party is scheduled for Sunday the 21st. Check out the events section below if you are interested in attending the release.


We encourage all Coloradans with an interest in Ubuntu to join our effort. Getting involved is easy. You can start by subscribing to our mailing list and making an introduction. Next, create a launchpad account, and create your profile if you don’t already have one. We prefer our members have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct from their launchpad profile, which takes just a few minutes. If you have any specific questions, you can direct them to any or all of the members in the team leadership.


For CDs and other materials, please contact us through our mailing list. If your request is more urgent, please contact our team leadership via directly over Google Talk via the usernames (in parenthesis) below.

Mailing List

Launchpad Page


IRC Channel

#ubuntu-us-co (on freenode)

CoLoCo Team Leadership

  • Alexander Stokes: (stokes91)
    • Team Lead
    • CD Distribution for the Denver area
  • David Overcash: (FunnyLookinHat)

    • Previous Team Lead

Upcoming Events


Sunday, October 21st 6-9PM

Quantal Release Party

Google + Event

Facebook Event

Recent Events


Friday, September 28th

Ubuntu Hour at the Falling Rock

See Also

Corporate Sponsors


Local Ubuntu Mirror

  • Provided by



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