• Meeting 01 December 2011 - 1700 UTC
    • Edubuntu Council/Edubuntu Review - Alkis Georgopoulos and Jonathan Carter
    • Discussed review of Planet Ubuntu Blogs to make sure all blogs are from or sponsored by current members
    • Agreed to ack dpm's request to add Translators Portal and App Dev Portal to Planet Ubuntu
    • Decided Person who chairs will update wiki logs, wiki times, and Team Reports Pages
    • Laura Czajkowski to Chair the 15 December, 2011, 1700 UTC meeting.
  • Meeting 15 December 2011 - 1700 UTC
    • czajkowski to mail the forums council and ask them to come again to the meeting
    • Review list of inactive mailing lists
      • YokoZar to post to the list link to etherpad on work done so far so CC can review further

      • Once inactive lists are identified, the team owner and list admins will be notified, RT ticket submitted
      • akgraner to blog process for UWN and Fridge
    • AlanBell reviewing planet config to sync up nicknames with proper launchpad names to define feeds from individuals who are no longer members

      • Will sort alphabetically and move to the bottom a set of feeds that are candidates for deletion
      • Review again in the new year
    • akgraner to chair january meeting
  • Edubuntu Council confirmed for another 2 years

  • New IRC Council

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