• 2012-12-06 meeting:
  • 2012-12-20 meeting:
    • Meeting log:

    • Catch up with the Translations team
      • Translations team representative kelemengabor felt the translations process last release was a little buggy compared to Precise
      • The team lacks leadership since dpm's job focus was changed (without someone pushing things forward, things tend to not move forward)
        • Proposal: clone dpm Wink ;)

      • Gwaihir mentioned that this might be a good opportunity to open up a little bit the ubuntu-translation-coordinators team
      • Explained that they don't have milestones, but there are things that need to be done at certain times in the release cycle (opening up translations, setting up langpack export&build, cleaning the import queue) but these are not formalized

      • Things are driven and teams are motivated by translations statistics page
      • Discussed possibilities for more collaboration between teams to share best practices - some is done in bug reports, IRC meetings tend to be hard due to time zones
      • Translations team agreed to have an internal meeting to discuss some of the current challenges and dholbach took an action to mail the translations team again about a scheduling a date in 2013 to check in again
      • teolemon pointed out starting

    • Rescheduling meeting with Forums Council because none were available for this meeting

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