• Meeting 19 January 2012 - 1700 UTC (log)

    • Discussed closing of the mailing lists after receiving feedback
      • czajkowski to file RT ticket to close them
    • Met with Riddell, ScottK, and Darkwing from the Kubuntu Council
      • Collaboration seems to be going well, including joint efforts on QT
  • Meeting 05 January 2012 - 1700 UTC (log)

    • Decided to contact mailing list owners for email lists proposed for deletion to see if they are active/used mailin glists, move forward with deleting in 2 weeks if not
    • Met with Joeb454 to discuss Forums Council
      • Council would like to be a little more aware of what responsibilities they have
      • Forum upgrade process is ongoing, working with Canonical IS but struggling with authentication strategy (some legacy users who do not use any kind of OpenID)
        • Joeb454 to mail czajkowski with RT numbers of outstanding issues
  • Contacted list owners of 23 lists proposed for deletion (details)

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