• 2012-03-01 Meeting (log):

    • Checkup with the LoCo Council

      • New folks on the Council this year, taking some time to adjust
      • Started having regular meetings on G+ to get everyone up to speed and to get to know each other better
      • Have 8 reapprovals to work through this cycle (down from a high of 26)
      • Turnaround on LC related business: much resolved in a day, launchpad tasks, responding to RT, but things like improving a document needs more time
      • !lococouncil factoid on #ubuntu-locoteams has proven to be very helpful for people getting in touch with them
      • No conflict resolution by the LC in LoCo teams has been needed this cycle

      • Overall doing well
  • 2012-03-15 Meeting (log):

    • Checkup with Americas Membership Board
      • pleia2, greg-g, cyphermox and Pendulum from the Americas board showed up to discuss the current state of the board
      • Several board members are expiring in May and some fatigue is showing
      • Otherwise quorum is being met and things are going well, no real challenges
      • Commonly when an applicant is asked to return at a later date, it is to get testimonials reflecting their work, or other improvements in documentation for what they have done
    • A couple CC members need to do final review and get back to LoCo Council regarding their proposed document for approvals to confirm it still properly reflects the process delegated by the CC

    • Discussed status of CoC and LCoC merge proposal

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