• 2013-01-17 meeting:
    • Meeting log: http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2013/ubuntu-meeting.2013-01-17-17.00.html

    • Xubuntu check-in
      • The team saw many community-related improvements last cycle, including: revised strategy document, many marketing initiatives, new offline documentation, many improvements on our website and social media outlets and progress towards a bigger team/community
      • Increased community strength seems to have more users because some people are looking for a more classic desktop, more users means more of a pool to draw from contributor-wise
      • Also have been working to fix up some of our getting involved documentation
      • Been looking at automated testing and wondering if we can use them in the future (hopefully for next LTS)
    • Ubuntu Studio check-in
      • Development has been slightly restrained lately, however that may be due to decreased involvement of a team lead who was the one to pursue action items and keep pushing things
      • That isn't to say that all development has stopped because people like zequence and len have been pushing things along with micahg's assistance
      • No immediate cause for concern but there is a feeling that Ubuntu Studio needs active stewardship and vision
      • Discussed ways in which the team could be more cohesive without central leadership, suggested regular meetings
      • To help focus, they are hoping to clarify the mission of the project and _exactly_ who are target audience (like the Xubuntu strategy document)
    • A question was raised about timing and location of the Ubuntu Developer Summit, Jono confirmed the contract was just signed and it will be early May and in Oakland

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