The discussion for this specification led to two deliverables:

  • A process by which new members can be nominated and added to the community council.
  • A set of leadership guidelines by which leaders in the Ubuntu community will be judged.

Nominations of New Leaders

Currently, the following things need to happen:

  • MarkShuttleworth makes a call for nominations to relevant teams and lists.

  • The CommunityCouncil agrees on an election method by which the community will confirm candidates nominated by the board by MarkShuttleworth.

  • Launchpad developers ensure that software is ready to ensure a fair vote on nominees by members.
  • MarkShuttleworth announces a list of nominees.

  • All Ubuntu members vote to approve the council nominees.
  • The elected nominees take their place on the council.

Leadership Code of Conduct

BenjaminMakoHill has created a first draft of a LeadershipCodeofConduct in this wiki. It should be reviewed and edited and then voted upon by the Ubuntu CommunityCouncil.

Outstanding Issues

It needs to be made clearer which parts of the above process deal with leaders, and which apply to appointing Community Council members. Also, guidelines as to when teams should have leaders, and if it is optional, would be good. -- mdke

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