When creating a compelling website for our Community, it is helpful to think of the types of people who will be seeing it and what they potentially want from it. Let's give these personas consideration as we build our site. Designing for humans!

Accidental Aaron

Aaron, a 52 year real estate agent, has never seen or heard of Ubuntu until today. He was reading an article in a newspaper and the author mentioned an Ubuntu powered phone. He decided to "google" Ubuntu and landed on the web site. He was expecting to learn about what Ubuntu is so that the article would make more sense.

Desired outcomes:

  • Generally positive experience
  • Pointers to general information
  • Something stunning enough to remember
  • Low on jargon and tech speak
  • Ubuntu is an opportunity for business (small business too).

Curious Carl

Carl is a fire-fighter and has just purchased his first computer with Ubuntu pre-installed. He has no working knowledge of Ubuntu and has stumbled upon the by clicking a bookmark in Firefox. He has no preconceived notion of Ubuntu as a collaborative project. He has no idea what to expect from 'community' in the Ubuntu context but has spent time volunteering at a local charity and enjoys giving back to his community.

Desired outcomes:

  • Make him feel welcome
  • Convince him there are opportunities even for non-technical people
  • Explicity message that there are non-technical components to Ubuntu
  • Show him a successful volunteer photo example or two

Professional Pauline

Pauline is a busy systems analyst by day, and someone who enjoys Ubuntu as a tool to accomplish her work. She has heard that Ubuntu is built by community contributions and would like to see if there are some easy ways for her to help build Ubuntu. She is not a programmer and has limited time to spend on unpaid work, but she would be open to spending an hour or two a week if there were something beneficial she could do.

Desired outcomes:

  • Give her some easy, concrete, tasksDesired outcomes:
  • Examples of what other power-user
  • Power user tricks (build more credibility)
  • Glimpse of Ubuntu in enterprise (case studies)

Gregarious Gary

Gary is a salesman who enjoys the company of people. He is always looking for a friendly bunch of people to associate with to expand his network, to get new ideas, and to possibly sell more widgets. He has heard that Ubuntu has communities all over the world where he can meet other people that enjoy technology. He's a bit worried that they will be too 'nerdy' for him, but is hopeful that he will find some like-minded souls with which to network.

Desired outcomes:

  • Show him local team events and examples of people having fun
  • Should be aware there are ODM/OEM opportunities, and development collaboration
  • Leve him with a feeling that Ubuntu people have integrity and are trustworthy

Meek Myla

Myla is a shy 14-year-old high school student who has begun to learn about Ubuntu as part of a course on creating personal web pages. She spends a lot of time on Facebook and other social networks communicating with her friends from school. She has grown up with the web and the perception that it's something to be consumed, not created. (You might call her part of the YouTube generation). Myla is looking for help with her school assignment and is hoping that will have some pointers.

Desired outcomes:

  • Give her a "wow" feeling - interesting video or other visuals
  • Tell a compelling story
  • Use a familiar layout (Facebook style)
  • She should feel that Ubuntu is cool and accepted by her friends
  • Show her other teens enjoying Ubuntu to inspire her
  • Testimonial from someone her age
  • Give her some solid "beginner" information and pointers to "how to get started quickly with Ubuntu"
  • Give her pointers resources like AskUbuntu

Realistic Roscoe

Roscoe is a retired health and safety instructor who was introduced to Ubuntu by a friend who is part of a local "LUG" (Linux User Group). He has heard great things about Ubuntu (the OS) but has never had a good experience with computers in the past, so he is understandably somewhat skeptical that Ubuntu will be any different. He is looking for reasons to believe that Ubuntu is as good as people say it is and thought he would start with to see if that helps.

Desired outcomes:

Zealous Zhenzhen

Zhenzhen is a 21-year-old student attending a prestigious university in Beijing. She is majoring in computer science and was introduced recently to Ubuntu by one of her professors. She is considering doing a paper on software localization and the barriers to accessibility for non-english speakers. She was encouraged to collaborate with Ubuntu community members to determine how (and if) Ubuntu has solved the issue of localization. She is hoping that will guide her towards other Chinese Ubuntu community members.

Desired outcome:

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