CommunityWebsite - for everyone!

We now have as an entry point for new community members. We want to explain how to join the Ubuntu community, help get people started effectively, and represent the humanity and personal nature of being part of the Ubuntu community.

Helping out

If you spot bugs or problems, please file a bug in Launchpad.

If you are interested in taking care of a certain part of the website, maybe the page of your team, reach out to the Ubuntu Community Website Admins.

Writing/Maintaining articles

When writing articles, bear the following points in mind:

  • be concise, don't overwhelm potential new contributors with too much information
  • be welcoming
  • explain what your team does and is there for
  • mention the most relevant steps to get involved
  • maybe mention some tips and tricks
  • don't copy too much information from other places
  • don't post information which is subject to frequent change

Let's keep this page high-quality, interesting, engaging and welcoming together. For many folks who are new to Ubuntu this will be THE landing page to get started.

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