Compiz Sprint Agenda

This is the agenda for the CompizSprint in London from 17.09 to 19.09. The items below are sorted by area that needs work. Feel free to grab any of those and work on them Smile :)


  • Review the default settings [done]
  • Review Settings brainstorming entries (some require development work)


  • We have reports about xrandr problems (stop updating the display)
  • google earth either displays the 3d part or the menus/popups, but not both (at least on intel)

libccs/apperance capplet

  • Make the desktop-effects "extra effects" text more descriptive (and add a general description on that tab) [in progress by MacSlow]

  • Add "reset to defaults" button in appearance capplet
    • When enabling "Extra effects", put "ring" or "shift" on the same keybinding as "application switcher" plugin and disable the old switcher
  • Small bug: if you enable compiz and it fallbacks to metacity the desktop effects tab indicates that compiz is being used which is wrong; same on live-cd if compiz is set to default but won't load;


  • Investigate if glx apps can be detected by setting a XProperty and adding some magic to the workaround plugins to display message/add notification (or send damage events for the area where the window was)
  • The "wobbly" plugin takes to long to settle currently (compared to the beryl one). This needs to be investigated
  • Make Ring switcher draw a rectangle around the current focused window (like the default setting thing
  • Review differences between metacity edge resistance and compiz snap edge-resistance/attraction (seb128 knows some more here)
  • Could we do some sort of quick (1-2sec) performance check somehow on startup?


  • Remove crash handler plugin (conflicts with apport)
  • Feisty -> Gutsy transition for people with beryl (should they be automatically transitioned?)


  • Feedback page with pci id details and feedback like "fast", "plays video", "artifacts" etc


  • Fullscreen problem in 3D games (like Warcraft 3). The gnome deskbars (top and bottom) remain while the game runs.
  • CTRL-ALT-L (lock screen - from gnome-settings-daemon) does not work under compiz (conflict with some compiz keybinding?) [Fixed, broken ctrl-alt stealing]
  • compiz ignores MAXIMIZE hint currently by default (e.g. gnome-terminal expects that a maximized window is a multiple of the row size)
  • Package fusion-icon
  • Mouse-over auto-raise does not raise windows when they have a transient parent dialog and you do not hoover of the dialog but over the window (e.g. synaptic progress dialog)
  • Fix session management problem with wrapper (#130450)
  • "intel" video driver does not work with video playback (Xv) (#111257). This can be fixed for all but i965 hardware (proof-of-concept patch availabe), we need to blacklist i965 or switch to exa
  • Consider blacklisting "mga" driver (#122961) because its too slow
  • Review if "nvidia" still has problems with switching to the terminal (CTRL-ALT-F1) (if so /apps/compiz/general/screen0/options/sync_to_vblank = False might be a workaround) [fixed with the latest driver]
  • Metacity/libwnck workspaces layout sync with compiz (#116806)
  • Get fix for nvidia+compiz+glx crash into xserver-xorg-core (patch availabe)
  • Cherry pick fixes from HEAD into the 0.6.0 branches
  • Add detection for max texture size and compare that to the keysize (glxinfo -l | grep GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE)
  • Add detection to memory of nvidia cards and disabled (<64Mb) to work around black windows bug

  • Check for GLXFBConfig in glxinfo to avoid runing on e.g. ati 200m (look up bug reference)
  • Investigate the use "hardware-connected" ( instead of parsing the pci table manually

  • Check if profiles can be used for default ubuntu settings instead of the current patching of libcompizconfig (global.xml) and compiz (to set gconf defaults on active_plugins)
  • Some windows are not in foreground (e.g. data popup when clicking on the clock applet)
  • fix the default hsize-value in the global.xml and gconf.schema
  • add TestPlan to Release test procedure

  • Review missing metacity keybindings for their importance (see CompizTeam page)

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