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Delivering donated computers to New Orleans February 2006

I arrive on Thursday, both myself and my 17-year-old truck, in pretty good shape considering we'd just driven 2,500 miles. There is no visible effect from Katrina until about 10 miles north of the city where one can see downed trees and roofs clad with blue tarps. (Click the link below for more)


Opening Computer Drop Off - Refubishing and Recycling Center

Returning from New Orleans, I'm inspired to do more. March 18, 2006 - I open Computer Drop Off in a rented storage unit in Talent Oregon and begin taking donated computers, refurbishing them with Ubuntu and preparing them for delivery to decimated schools affected by Hurricane Katrina. (Click the link below for more)


We did it! we rented a large Penske truck, loaded 62 Ubuntu computers, and delivered them to Common Ground Relief in New Orleans. More than 5,000 miles all of them filled with satisfaction and gratitude. Thanks Ubuntu! Go to for the full story.

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